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What is energy exchange in Reiki and why

By admin | In What is Reiki | on October 1, 2010

What is energy exchange in Reiki and why

Fellow friends, Namaste. I have been asked certain questions, for which I am trying to find some answers. I do hope you like them, and if not, kindly send your valuable suggestions to me, so that I can help others as well. You must understand that I am also a human and am trying to do my best at our Reiki Energy Healers and am just like you all and can make certain mistakes. Being a Reiki grand master does not mean that I will not commit errors or mistakes. Please excuse me, if I am wrong somewhere.

Reiki is a Bi Polar energy, as we all know. It means, there has to be an exchange of energy, for transferring Reiki energy or Reiki healing. This can be explained with a small example. If you need to put water in a glass, the air or any other thing present in glass has to be taken out. Similarly, the person to be healed, need to show gratitude towards the healer and have to do some energy exchange, to which the healer agrees. This energy exchange can be of any form, as mutually agreed. This can be anything done for the healer, any help or can be money, food or gifts. Remember, There must be some exchange.

There are some healers, who do not do this exchange, thinking that they are self contented and do not need any money or else for the healing done. There are many groups on social websites or in public too, who do free healing, who do not do any kind of energy exchange. I must try to tell you my personal experience that if we do not do any exchange of energy, either the healer will suffer or the healing will not be done properly. I have seen many Reiki healers, masters and even Grand masters suffering because of this all and by the time they understand it, its too late and nothing much can be done. Some people now also argue for the fees or exchange of energy asked, as some earlier have not asked them before. The example of glass and water can be understand easily. No energy can be transferred, without any energy exchange. The healing done with proper gratitude and energy exchange is done with excellent results. The healing where is no energy exchange done, are either not done fully or may have some issues to the healer or the person getting healing.

Now, when we are able to understand the energy exchange, we must try to emphasis on this and do all the healing given to us with our best. We must try to help all as much as we can. Reiki healing is a noble profession. For energy exchange, we can go for any kind of exchange that suits us, even money. We here normally charge from 25$ to 100$ a day for healing, and sometimes, even a cup of tea for the same. It depends on the person capacity. Some can even pay more. But, please do not do without any exchange of energy.

I really hope you will understand the need for energy exchange.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

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