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What is black magic

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on March 3, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful for your regular emails and queries which you are sending with your doubts about various topics. We are thankful for you all and your trust on us and faith on Reiki energy as it is one of the purest form of natural energy, so as to heal all kind of blockages.

Today morning, when I was just checking my facebook, emails and yahoo messages, I saw a new message from my United States based friend cum brother Keith Cash. He is having a business of SEO for different websites and that too with a good proficiency and economical prices. He helped me long time back, and I am really grateful for his advices as in for my business website for Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation components. This time, when he asked me about it, I think I have to reply with an answer, which could help many others as well, so am writing this article for you all.

Most of us know and are familiar with Black Magic or Psychic Attack cases and how people react after being attacked. If anyone is affected by Black Magic, the Reiki check is very simple to perform and confirm of being attacked. We just need to draw Reiki symbols on all the seven Chakras, one by one and if we are unable to draw them in their respected colors on all the seven Chakras, the person is affected. We have to draw these symbols in visualizations only, and if these symbols are in a different, odd shape or color, it means that the energy is affected. The people may look okay and normal by face or actions, but deep inside there is a lot of change in theor personality, that comes due to these Chakra blockages. The attacked person may avoid going to work, have lesser concentration, negative thoughts and actions, may get violent on seeing any positive or good energy. They sort of avoid any kind of spiritual or positive energy in any form. They feel tired, weak most of the time and are generally thinking like they are ill or else, but most of these people even after undergoing several tests, get all tests without any negative report. 

The people affected with black magic or Psychic Attack often look like lazy, arrogant and ignorant for many important issues. They just get violent or feel irritated if others try to get concerned over them, as they pretend to look casual and normal. I am sure that there are many other ways to understand and diagnose energies attacked by Black Magic or Psychic as we say, and those others we will discuss later.

Thanks to you brother Keith Cash, thanks to you all in here for your love and blessings.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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