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What if energy exchange is avoided in any Reiki healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on June 15, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your Reiki blessings and continuous support, love and light, and because of which, we are able to sustain our mission of spreading Reiki in this universe. It has been in back of our mind when we started Reiki teaching that will we be able to teach as our Reiki teachers or like many others, we will just close down. I know in this commercial world, everything is taken as a competition and we all of our fellow Reiki Masters accepted this challenge open heatedly. It was a common wording that if we are thinking of spreading Reiki with an open mind and open heart, we will be guided with our inner conscience and we will be able to find our way to our target.

After this small crawl, about two years back, we feel that we have came up to this landmark and will be able to walk further more. There were many of our fellow energies, which tried to turn us down at times, but Reiki energy and the support o you all, kept up our spirit and helped us in moving on. During this time, we did many tests, many new experiments and used many new procedures for Reiki healing, and researched many Reiki related events, which helped us reveal many new facts.

Since the time we were learning Reiki, we came across many Reiki healers, who do free Reiki healing or charge a very small amount of fee for their Reiki healing. They were either too much self independent with finances or were ignoring the importance of energy exchange. However, after a certain period of 5-6 years or less, most of them started to have some or other issues in their personal or professional lives. Some of our such student Reiki Masters, who ignored our teaching, either felt easy things or small things being postponed and they had to wait for too long, to get anything, however when they do Reiki for others, it look like that Reiki was unable to work for them. It may look strange, but if you also look around, you will see that there are many Reiki healers, who are unable to lead a comfortable life themselves, but they are doing good Reiki healings for others.

However, as per our belief and experience, we just say to all that only a happy, healthy Reiki healer is able to perform a good Reiki healing for others. If any Reiki healer or Reiki Master is itself in pain or trouble, it is difficult to have faith on him that he will be able to cure anyone else. There is one small example, which you all Reiki practitioners may understand easily.

Reiki energy as you all know is a bi polar energy, and therefore we ask for energy exchange from everyone. If we want to drop some ice cubes in a cup of tea, there should be ample amount of place in the cup. After the cup is full, it may be difficult to pour anything more in the cup, so we need to take some tea out of the cup, so that sugar may be added. However, if we avoid energy exchange, and still add sugar to the cup, it will spill tea on the saucer and may spoil the table or dress of the tea holder. Which means, that since the energy exchange was avoided, or in an improper manner, it made both useless. Which means that the energy exchange should be done in a proper manner, with which a receiver and a giver are able to agree mutually. If a giver is happy with a small amount, may please a receiver, but in long term may hurt either or both. There are some receivers, who keep on demanding for more and more Reiki energy, without any intention of energy exchange, but it may make them both suffer in later time.

There are many such living examples which we had personally getting failure or setbacks in life due to the simple reason that they were avoiding energy exchange. One of our fellow Reiki Masters were on the edge of getting divorce and other was having some of his financial deals getting postponed for several years now. After my humble request as a teacher, they stopped doing free Reiki healing for a period of 21 days, and if they saw some results, they will stop doing it. After 15 days of avoiding any kind of Reiki healing for any other, they realized a great change in their lives. They were able to see that their life was becoming much more stable and easier, unlike earlier.

After a great time of discussion with our fellow energies and fellow Reiki Masters, from all over the world who I know personally, I am here asking you all to understand the real basics of Reiki healing energy and that you will do a proper energy exchanges for your Reiki healings. I request you all to do any kind of energy exchange, on a mutual consent of your receiver / giver so that you are all living a blockage free happy life. Our main intention is just to see every energy is free of any kind of blockage and is living a love filled happy life. We are thankful to our fellow Reiki healers, Reiki Masters and all of our fellow energies.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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