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What I am doing wrong and where I am going wrong

By admin | In What do we do | on October 5, 2010


I am here to discuss some of the issues arise when we Light workers try to spread love and light into any other energy and get a setback. I think it is good to talk and have a small discussion here over this major issue. Why even any Grand Master get success in his healings at times and why are some healers or so called Grand Masters themselves seen in trouble?

I have myself seen many of the people, who prove to be one of the best Healers from parts of the world, but they themselves are suffering in some or other way. I have seen the lack of love or satisfaction in their own personal lives. There are many, who say that we too need our healing as we are unable to heal ourselves, as our energies are not working on us. Why is this all? I would love you all healers, Grand Masters and others to give me sometime with this article and understand the cause of the problem.

We all have been reading that Reiki always needs Gratitude, receiver permission, service exchange, connection, disconnection for any healing. (not in the same order however).  I have seen that most of healers at times ignore the importance of self charging, protecting etc. Some bypass disconnection or connection even in the case of distant healings. After the healing done, they at times do not do Service exchange, in order to maintain the good and continuous flow of energy transfer. Some do not follow Gratitude fully at times. Some do show gratitude but than have a personal feeling that THEY heal the energy or THEY did this or that.

I might sound absurd, but we must understand that we all must be grateful towards the healers, our teachers, parents, friends, our client or patient, the person who brought the person, any kind of media that helped us contacted, our healing instruments, ourselves and even anything that made you both interact in anyway.

We must understand that it is not us, who healer the energy, but it is the receiver who accepts the inflow energy transfer, and got healed. If the person is not accepting it, the energy outflow will not flow and would not heal the other energy. Also, it will only effect the healer instead. Continuous healing without any good energy exchange or avoiding gratitude, self pride are a few points creating blockages and leaving negativity to the healer.

As another healer, I must suggest you to look towards what we are doing and what we want from Healing energy. We must not be proud for the healing done, but must accept the thankfulness of the receiver for the energy transfer.

I am sure most of you got the point what I wanted to share with you. Thanks for reading this article.

Love and Light

Vineet Jain

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