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Visions during Meditation or Reiki healing

By admin | In Meditation | on May 27, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your love filled comments and all the support you are giving us. We are thankful to you all for the nice and positive comments you gave for our fellow Reiki master Ms Jhuma and others’ articles. We hope you understand that our busy schedule has been keeping us from writing articles, but still we are taking time for our regular Reiki healings and what else is  necessary.

Today again, I was about to post the article by some of our fellow energy, but than I got to read an off liner by our fellow Reiki Healer, who keep seeing different Goddess while her meditation. This has been with many of those who meditate, tend to see or visualize different coloured lights, angels or else during their trip to Alpha level of their meditation. This is also known as their journey to Trans. This is a journey, where only who is doing the meditation can feel and sense what they see or feel. However, their fellow Reiki Master may also try and get a peek through of their journey. This is done for their safety or knowing deeper secrets, which need to be revealed or which the normal meditation doing energies are unable to understand.

These so called visions are a definite way to reveal many secrets of past or future which may come to us, so we must be open to accept and understand what we see through our journey, Even the color of lights or whatever we see, feel is somewhere just helps in knowing unknown or give us a hint of what we want to know or what we should know. 

During our meditation, we should be relaxed and calm, and have a soothing slow music (only if needed), with light and loose clothes, mobiles or other disturbing instruments should be put on silence, so that we can concentrate and focus better. We know that once we start our meditation or deep meditation, we try to control ourself and limit ourself, but instead we should let our mind wander and open to accept all what may come. Our mind is a tool, which help us reach the farthest destination or at a place in past, present or future in a very short span.

If we see some angels or Goddess with us, it just mean that we are being guarded and protected by a positive energy. This is in case of all what we see. However, if they are guiding us towards certain thing, we should try to focus more and try to understand, so as to repair or clear the blockage. Sometimes, we can also go into our receiver’s life, if we program our meditation, so as to check their life’s blockages and help in burning them. This however needs a lot of practise and a support of some other energy, who may guide you and bring you back safe.

 The colourful lights also signify the same, so we should try to understand and focus more on revealing what they are trying to tell and unhide the secret. Whatever we visualize, where ever we go or touch, eat, play, do etc… this all is just to make us understand something. Also when we sleep, we see dreams and I as a novice or a learner, I think that when we are trying to sleep, we eventually went to meditation and we saw them. Since these dreams also convey the same message as we see during meditations. 

I will suggest you all to be calm, positive and confident that all we see, feel or visualize during our sleep or meditations is trying to say something to us. It is trying to reveal something, so just stay positive, as they can never harm anyone, but are just a way to guide our future life and burn the deep past blockages, so that our future is blockage free.

I am thankful to you all for your acceptance to Reiki healing energy in to your life and am to my teachers, who brought it to mine. I am grateful to you all and every energy around me and who have touched me directly or indirectly.

Reiki Blessings to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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