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Using Reiki for various Reiki Healings

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on August 14, 2011

Using Reiki for various Reiki Healings

Fellow energies, we are happy to see and read the emails you send to us and are pleased to see that Reiki is spreading faster than we ever thought. It gives us a feeling of fulfillment and joy, when we read the emails full of love and light, sharing their experiences and achievements after reading the articles on this website. We are really thankful and grateful to you all for trying the experiments and procedures given by us and spreading more light in this Universe.

We have been asked on which Reiki symbol is used for which Reiki or which Reiki symbol gives faster result in which Kind of Reiki Healing. As we have been working with various Reiki healing, we are unable to say that a particular Reiki symbol is good for one thing. However, these all Reiki symbols are helpful and useful in almost clearing all kind of blockages and help spreading light.

Cho Ku Rei as we all know is a power symbol and can be used for purifying, cleansing, charging and even sealing the energy. This is also the primary symbol of USUI Reiki, so is used in the beginning and also at the time of establishing Reiki Energy. 

Sei Hei Ki Reiki symbol, which is a balancing symbol, is one of the main Reiki symbols used in all Reiki Healings. It is also used for finding lost or stolen objects so is used in many such cases by us and our student Reiki healers and Reiki Masters.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, is used for connecting with any other energy and is used primarily in Distance Reiki Healings. We also use this Reiki symbol for Psychic surgery, even if the receiver is close to us.

Dai Ko Myo is the Supreme Reiki symbol, also known as the Master Reiki symbol and is used when we need to send the maximum Reiki Energy for Reiki Healing.

Apta Reiki symbol is used for clearing Psychic attack, physical problems, personal issues and is also used to burn any kind of negativity in our receiver.

Vasudha is now a days as one of the most used Reiki symbols by us, since this helps us in empowering every other Reiki symbol. This symbol is used for helping in improving finances, personal relationship, cutting and clearing Psychic Attack.

Zonar Reiki symbol is now a days used by us for creating a connection of one energy with other energy. This symbol has been successful in healing too difficult situations and have helped patients even on a death bed.

We hope that by now, you are able to understand the various different uses of these Reiki symbols, and we can use as is needed. Where ever there is a need, we can make Reiki symbols as per the Reiki Healing needs.

Thanks to you all for asking different things on Reiki, and we would love to help with what we can.

Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain





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