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Using Reiki energy for detoxing

By admin | In Healings | on January 12, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for sending your nice, interesting and mind boggling queries, which really make us think and work on some new fields in Reiki. We are also thankful to you all for all the love, support you are giving us in terms of knowledge, using questions in your mails and articles. We are trying to understand the depth of every query, know the facts and how to resolve and finally share with you all here.

Today morning email was from our fellow Reiki master from Romania, who is happy and pleased for her stay in our Reiki grid and articles. We are also thankful to her for her regular posts, comments, suggestions and queries, since this helps us in being a better human and Reiki energy. She asked us to find a way to detox our body system, using Reiki and combining with other energy systems. She asked so, as most of the energies use medicines or fasting for detoxing and she wanted some different and easier method, which could be adopted by anyone.

After understanding a bit, we found out that we can definitely detox our physical body system using Reiki, PSI energy Healing and EFT for the detoxification. Almost all the Reiki practitioners have been using self touch healing for the first 21 days of learning Reiki. Now, for getting out all the toxins out of our physical body, we need to do this touch healing with the intention that the toxins are flushing out of our body, through base Chakra (since it is where they need to flush). we also need to work on all of our Chakras, for slightly more time and should visualize our whole body in white or golden color (depends on person to person) and see that a black light or cloud of toxins is passing out.

We can also do self EFT healing therapy, but this time on whole of our body, at all the 24 body parts, as we do during touch Reiki healing. Our intention should be same as told earlier, is to see our whole body in white light and black clouds passing out. This can be made much more powerful now using Reiki symbols and adding them in our PSI healing technique (Para Psychic Intentional energy). Now, using the energy balls or balloons, we can to take shower in White, Pink, Golden, Violet or as per the Chakra color.

During this process, for about 9 to 11 days, we need to stay away from any kind of junk food, non vegetarian meals, and try to take normal meals. If we can survive on just fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits, it will be the best during this interval. We should try to meditate for sometime and with a relaxed mind, live a positive and love filled life, so as to make the process easier and a success. we are sure that this week’s time will help you free from toxins and any other kind of negative energy in your body. However, if you still feel that their is more blockage or negative energies, you can continue for some more time for getting completely free from them.

We are grateful to you all and pray to the almighty that you all are always happy with your every wishes fulfilled and have a love filled never ending life.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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