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use of rock salt in Reiki

By admin | In What do we do | on May 5, 2012

Fellow Reiki energies, we are grateful to you all for all of your questions and comments on our articles. We really feel comfortable while replying you and solving your queries, so please feel comfortable while asking. Some people today when called, they seem to be confused if we will be replying their all questions using our this web portal and will be writing an article about it. Friends, believe me, it gives us immense pleasure while writing any useful article which will be helpful for you all, since this is our purpose for creating this website.

Yesterday, we got a call from our fellow energy from Mumbai, for whom we are doing a Reiki healing his some of a blockage for quite sometime. While talking and discussing, there came a topic when he was a bit worried of the negative energies around him, which was making his progress downward. He was doing his best, but due to some of the people who were against him and some who were regularly making some or other conspiracy against him, he was let down. Also it look like that some were playing a bad politics against him to make a bad impression about him in front of senior officials.

We have been telling many times about the properties of rock salt to you, and now here we are going to explain it in detail. Rock salt as we all know is sea salt, found on places where there was sea in old times, and now is a desert or a dry area. This collectively salt which is in the form of hard stone or known and termed as rock salt. Sea salt is present in most parts of the sea, except that there are some holes as we call, where there is a sweet or fresh water in sea. It is really an amazing fact that where the sea water is salty, I mean where there is salt in sea, all the sea creatures that exists there are non-poisonous and any poisonous creature who enters this area dies in this salty water. All the poisonous creatures are only found in fresh or sweet water of the sea, which means that the fishes, snakes and other energies found there may be poisonous. This also means that walking on beaches with salty water is safer than those with fresh water.

Now, this small tendency is also found in human beings as is tested too in some places of the world. If any mammal is provided meals without salt for over years of life, their bites or nail scratches could prove fatal. They get too much poisonous and their any bite is just as dangerous as of any snake bite. However, any other mammal who intakes salt normally, is free from any kind of poison in their body and their bite is normal. Now, we all know that rock salt can be used in keeping our poisonous nature away from our heart and mind, which is needed most.

Similarly, in the remote areas, military people and normal people, make a boundary using rock salt, so that all the poisonous creatures like snake, lizard, scorpion are out of their protected area. This should also be noted that most of anti poison medicines are either made from the same poison or a solution of concentrated rock salt. This rock salt solution is helpful in clearing most of the blockages of our body and similarly other energies as well. In case of block nose, most of nasal drops are rock salt solution. Our eye drops, acidity medicines, gastric trouble medicines or any other medicines contain some quantity of rock salt for sure. This way, if we use rock salt in our cooking, most of our health problems will be solved, however we also need to change a little bit of our diet, since most of us are using too much of fatty and spicy food, which is bad.

Now, we also have to learn, how to be protected and keep these negative energies away from us as we were asked. Well, as I normally ask all, I would suggest all to have shower using a few tea spoons of rock salt in their bath tub or shower bucket or can make a rock salt solution and put on our body finally. We can also keep some rock salt with us so that if ever we are in any kind of situation, where there are many negative energies or opponents, we will be able to over come them. We can also use rock salt in wiping our floors of office, home or workplace, and if it is difficult due to carpets or any other limitations, we can just spray the rock salt solution.

If we mix rock salt solution in our meals, our body will be free from any kind of blockages. We can also sprinkle a bit in our fruits or vegetables salads if needed for a change of taste plus improvement of health and clearing of blockage. These rock salt sprinkled salads are helpful in gastric and acidity trouble. We should also remember that people attacked with black magic or Psychic Attack, if we the blocked and attacked energies take rock salt solution shower, they will be able to feel relief. Spraying rock salt solution on them after charging with Reiki symbols also helps them in faster recovery. Taking a regular shower using rock salt and keeping it always with us keep us protected from any negative energy.

I am sure that you all will be able to understand a lot about what we can do and what and how rock salt can help and change our lives to a blockage free life. We are thankful to you all for your kind comments and messages and we are as always, happy to reply you back with our best.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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