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Use of Olive oil in Reiki

By admin | In Food for Reiki | on November 20, 2010

Use of Olive oil in Reiki

Fellow Energies, Namaste. My humble greetings for all of you for being here and understand a few new things of Reiki, as per my and my Reiki Teacher’s findings. These findings were made on personal experience only, so please friends, do not feel bad or argue on these findings. We are sharing all these experiences on our own findings, and we do not want to say that we are anywhere better than Dr USUI or else. We are just another Reiki practitioner, and as per our teachings, we are just sharing all, which can be useful and helpful for all in this small world.

We have been getting requests with people, having financial and some other problems in their life. We for sometime, had been researching the ways, by which we can help a bit and contribute to Reiki with our knowledge and self awareness. It was really sad to see, when we see people with problems, which were having these issues and were unable to find any solution. We did our best, in order to remove the blockages and do healings with our best, but still something or else pop up after sometime. We used incense sticks, holy water, charged water, crystals, clusters, Aroma candles and almost everything we could try. But after sometime frame, these problems keep popping in the person’s life and the person was like getting frustrated. This was giving us a sort of desperation to do something much better and novel, so that such problems can be resolved faster and easily.

After a lot of meditation and thinking, we were amazed on a simple fact and finding. In some of Indian temples, which cure black magic were using Olive oil candles for keeping negative energies away from that sacred area. I myself and my Reiki Teacher used the same for sometime and were excited with the findings.  The negative people around us stopped interaction with us. The people were getting much more positive and very easily. The things were becoming easy for us. After checking the pros and cons of this Olive oil candle for over a week, I asked that person to start using it as well. We were however excited and happy with the positive results and news from that person. The person is happy and is still having no trouble till now.

After this great success, we try to tell all to use it at home or offices to keep negative energies away from their place and to let all the negative vibrations burn off. We also saw some good financial and personal relation things happening with the people using it. Yes, we are still working and doing our normal healings, using our Reiki symbols and as per our teachings. Now, we are also telling people to use olive oil candles or camphor lamp for burning negativity around them. It has really helped a lot of people and we have recommended many people with till now 100% positive results. I have heard now that some people also sell it in some colorful bottles by calling it a divine oil. This oil is sure having some good medicinal and many other uses for all of us, someway or the other.

Thank you all for reading this article and helping us at Reiki Energy Healers (REH) to spread love and light.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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