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Treatment of Chickengunya

By admin | In Success Stories | on November 1, 2010

Treatment of Chickengunya

Fellow friends, I am here going to illustrate you a healing of Chickengunya done by me and my other Friend Reiki Grand Master, Mr Jitender Kumar. It was 22nd of October 2010, and I was on my way back to my hometown from Mumbai, when I got a call from an unknown number, to report urgently to Jain Saint, Upadhyay Ativeer Sagar Maharaj, in Delhi, since Muni Shree Punya Sagar Ji Maharaj had high fever and pains from Chickengunya. As I must tell you all here, that I follow Digamber Jainism and our male Saints do not wear any clothes whole life and do not take any medicines. They take food and liquid only one time in morning and do not have anything there after. I was therefore, asked to do Reiki healing for them.

It was a sort of pleasure for me too, since I was honored to heal our Jain Saint and that Upadhyay Ativeer Sagar Maharaj Had faith on our healing energies. I was also in a state of trauma, since one of our Saints was in bad shape and in pain. I wish I could fly to them and start treatment. However, luckily I had my Laptop and data card with me, so asked the person to email me the full photograph of Maharaj (Muni Punya Sagar Ji Maharaj). I asked them to be told that me (Vineet Jain) is going to do the healing, as I have to get their permission.

After sometime, I got their full photograph (head to toe), and was feeling grateful to get the opportunity. I started doing Reiki Healing in the train itself, without caring of the people around me. I am always having my Reiki crystal Wand with me, so it was easier, however unusual for other people, sitting besides me. They got curious, when I started and grew like crazy, when I finished doing my Reiki. After I closed all and closed down my Laptop, I saw many sparkling eyes twinkling towards me. I can see their shine glowing every minute and can feel their eagerness to talk and ask what all I was doing.

I told them all that I was doing Distance Reiki Healing and was sending Reiki Energy to treat Chickengunya. I was than telling them all about Reiki and Reiki energy. They seem to be eager about Reiki, since it was something different from usual healing and was sort of black magic or something super power.

I however gave them all my visiting card, with my contact details and came back to home. After taking shower and a light breakfast, I rushed to Maharaj with my Reiki crystal wand for healing. After reaching there, I took permission from Maharaj, and asked all other people sitting in room to evacuate. I started healing Maharaj, and did his psychic surgery too. However, while doing Reiki healing, I felt that the whole room and temple, where they were staying was full of negative energies, so cleaned the room too. After I conducted the healing, I was asked by Maharaj for the negativity of the room and temple. I told him what I felt and that I have burnt all the negativity.

After that day, I kept on doing Reiki healing and Psychic Surgery for Maharaj, either going there or by the means of Distance Reiki Healing. Today is 1st November 2010 and when I reached there, I was surprised and happy to see Maharaj walking, smiling and talking to people, which was earlier not possible. When they saw me in front of them, they were happy and were glad to see me. The feeling of gratefulness can be seen in their eyes. I did Reiki Healing again for them and established Reiki Energy for further healing. I was than told to stop healing, till further notification, since otherwise they felt all normal by than.

Thank I touched their feet for blessings and thanked my Reiki teachers, fellow Reiki Grand Masters, friends, Reiki Crystal wand, my parents, wife, children and all I can.

I am grateful for you all too, for reading this article and helping me spread love and light in this world.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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