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Touch Reiki Healing

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on December 24, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for everything you share with us and are grateful to our Reiki teachers, who changed our lives. We feel blessed every morning when we get up and give thanks to God and you all for being with us in our path for a positive life of all. This journey of Reiki, which is also known as energy of love and light have been filled with good reasoning and giving us so much of learning, every day. We are sure that if everyday there are so many new Reiki energies are growing, soon we will all see our fellow energies with all they need.

Last night, we got a call from a Muslim female, and she was asking if touch Reiki healing was really needed in case she want to ask for a session of Reiki healing with any Reiki healer. She told us that since her culture stops her to go to any unknown male for a healing, and they have to cover their face. She have contacted a Reiki master around her place, and he have told her that touch Reiki healing was needed. Now, since she was to keep her face covered, how can she allow any unknown to touch her whole body.

Well we know that similar must be the query of many out here in this world, since it is very tough for anyone to ask or allow any unknown to touch for the sake of Reiki healing. We all know that even when we can do Reiki healing from distance, how and why should we need to perform touch Reiki healing in any case. I will here just say here that it totally depends upon the receiver and the healer mutual understanding. Also, we all know that a touch Reiki healing session takes about 45 minutes to more, where ever a distance Reiki healing session may take much less time. This is one of the reason, where a receiver sometimes feel like getting a touch healing, as they want the value for money and feel the energy reflecting from their receiver’s hand. Also, sometimes the blockage at Heart, Throat, Brow, Solar plexus, Sacral or Base Chakra is too much, that it could take longer time to heal, and there a touch healing may be advised.

Touch Reiki Healing

Touch Reiki Healing

We have met and discussed with many of our receivers, where the majority want to have a touch Reiki healing only, even when they know that distance Reiki healing is also same effective. We have seen many difficult Reiki healings like Gall Bladder stone removal, heart Blockages, Kidney stones removal or urinary infection improving very fast when healed using touch healing.

I am sure that you all might be having a similar or a different experiences in your personal life, so please share with us if possible. Touching or avoid touching, it all should be left on a Reiki healer and receiver’s mutual understanding, and we should just try to understand that both are important in their own way. There is nothing to argue or feel negative about it, as if a Reiki healer is giving his pure intention and performing proper energy exchange, Reiki healing will result in success.

My sincere regards goes to our fellow Reiki energy from Pakistan, who called us to confirm and to our Reiki teachers, you all for making a difference in this world.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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