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Touch Reiki healing for bad cough and cold

By admin | In Success Stories | on November 1, 2011

Fellow energies, we all the members of Reiki Energy Healers are grateful to you for your blessings and good wishes. It is just because of you that we are able to perform new experiments and are getting good and positive results in the Reiki Healings done by us. It is just the faith and your trust, that is helping us in our journey in this world of positive light.

Last evening, when I came back from work, I was a bit tired and exhausted, since had a lot of work pressure from business. I was having slight headache and may be for the low temperature inside metro train and higher temperature on road, I was about to catch cold. After sometime, I started feeling like a bad cough and cold affecting me, and I was just very much uncomfortable while breathing or talking. The headache was starting to mount on with my dripping nose, making things worse. 

Since I had been avoiding medicines for self healing, I was thinking on what I can do for a good and faster Reiki Healing for myself. I sat a bit and meditate for a while, and thought on what could be done to clear my throat blockage. Finally, I lie down and performed a touch Reiki Healing for myself. I cleared myself using Cho Ku Rei and than used Sei Hei Ki for balancing myself. Finally, I charged my both palms using Master Reiki symbol Dai Ko Myo, Reiki symbol Vasudha, Zonar and Apta. Than I started self Touch Reiki Healing for myself and placed my both palms on my throat and than on my both sides of nostrils. I kept my hands for about five minutes at each part, and finally on my Heart to establish the Reiki Energy. 

I seem to be getting improvement, so after this self treatment, I took my dinner and a cup of black coffee. After sometime, suddenly, my cheeks started paining and my headache too grew sharply and I was sort of choking and was very much uneasy. However, I tried to lie down again after sometime and performed the same touch healing for myself. I also tried to see if I had done some Reiki Healing today and forgot to disconnect or paid my gratitude. However, I thanked all the energies around me or elsewhere since I have to as always, thanked Reiki energy. After all of this, I once again performed self touch healing and also did a small Psychic Surgery, where I cleared all of my throat Chakra.

After that, since I was tired, I slept back and got up at about 7AM in the morning, with very little of cold. I am sure that once I am back to our Reiki healing center, I will be normal and my blockage will be clear. I am really thankful and grateful to my Reiki teachers for teaching me this Reiki Healing, with which I am able to heal myself and also teach others to do same. I am happy to see when I myself or other Reiki Practitioners are able to clear self blockages or the blockage of other energies.

Thank you all for your love, support and blessings. Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain     



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