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The reason for being together

By admin | In News | on June 17, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your every email, comments and telephone call and are trying to understand whatever is the hidden message for us and others. Today morning phone call to me was a similar such call, which forced us to think and evaluate the human relationships and understanding of others. A female from China called us that she was excited and was finding our articles helpful and filled with positive energy, so wanted to thank us. However, she asked us that when in our articles, I mentioned that I have to call fellow Reiki Masters or to share every news, gifts with them, the reason for invoking all. I mean she wanted to ask that these all things could be done on my own too, and why do I have to share or ask others for every small or big issue.

Friends and fellow energies, as I have been mentioning you here and will try to share one simple thing about Reiki and myself here, which could tell more about me too. In Reiki Healing, invoking, attunements, gratitude is always needed and is place an important part of it, and we should always keep it in our mind. Reiki healing always flow, where there is love for oneself and for others, since it flows evenly using an open Heart Chakra. I myself is an energy, who love to be with many all the times, I mean I love socializing, inviting friends to my home, or out for get together etc. Even if I am having a small good news, I try to shout and try to reach out for others to share. I am sure that you all know and understand that if there is a pull force against you, and you are a team, you will be able to push it back with ease and fight it. However, any single energy may find it difficult to fight even an easy blow at times, so it is always advisable to live in group. As per what I learned in my family values, sharing happiness grow and increase the happy feeling, while sharing any sad news, reduce the pain. Even if I am getting any business or Reiki healing, I try to share with our fellow Reiki Masters, since together it will be a good teamwork.

If you all also start doing or thinking this way, I am sure you will see that your stress of work or any other thing too will vanish in thin air. Some of you are aware that I am planning to go and meet my sister Monika Jain and her kids, who live in Brampton, Canada this month of July 2012. I have already started thinking on the plans for what to do, whom to meet and much more, so am already planning to meet a bunch of local friends there. I am told that I can also fly to USA if I am in Canada, so might also plan for meeting a few of US based friends. I know that this whole time in Canada, I will be missing my wife and kids, friends and business too, but will try to keep in touch with mobile and facebook or other online messengers. I just need your kind blessings and good wishes for the same as always.

I am grateful to you all for your Reiki blessings, love and light.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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