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Thanks giving day Guru Poornima and now I want Shishya Divas for all students

By admin | In Gratitude | on July 2, 2012

Fellow energies. we are grateful to you all for your so much of love and positive energy filled emails and comments, that we are unable to thank or send you our whole gratitude back to you with words. With time passing by, we all keep on learning new things, and at times forget or ignore incidents or energies that helped us in our bright today. Some of us might be giving their thanks to their parents, teachers or fellow energies, but still at times, we forget to thank our children, students who teach us a lot, selflessly and without any exchange.

In India and several other countries, 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s day and than some parts of world celebrate Guru Poornima in the month of July on a full moon night. Similarly, in western countries, they celebrate Thanks Giving day, in order to thank fellow energies and everyone, so my purpose of sharing all this is that we all celebrate or give thanks to everyone and have given a separate name to renounce this day. Similarly, I would request you all to add one more new day in your calender, which should be known as Shishya Divas or Student Day or receiver’s day or whatever we all find appropriate and is acceptable by all.

During my more than 40 years of life, when I look back, I feel that every day has been a learning day for me, and I have been learning till now and would love to continue. In this journey known as life, sometimes, I learned from my parents, than from teachers and friends, than from family and than some personal experiences with other fellow energies. There was also a time, when I did a lot of Meditation and got some forced learning from Lord Ganesha, and than some others. Life has been a great experience for me, and it look like that I am sitting in a train and every station that comes, hands over me a new lesson. This life named journey is teaching me new and some amazing lessons to me, and when I try to share my experiences with you all, I tend to learn further more. After I started teaching Reiki, here in India and abroad, believe me, my knowledge and experiences enhanced and I was amazed on myself and the intensity of the flow of Reiki energy. Sometimes, I was really pleased and surprised to see the information collected and gathered by our students, which in other place were to be called as my teachers.

I am therefore, going to celebrate this weekend or next (If I am alive and doing fine), for my student teachers, and will try to thank them all. I know that it is going to be a all together different experience for me and others, but I feel that once I do this, I will be able to relieve my Heart Chakra from the burden it has been having since past sometime. Till sometime, we had been just thanking our Reiki teachers and Reiki energy while performing Reiki healing or attunements, but from past six months, I have been thanking those who taught me open hearten.

I am sure that you all will reply me and tell me my mistakes and if I am doing anything wrong in here or anywhere in life. I just want that this train, I mean our body, which is running on the track called life should be pleasant and we all reach our destiny with a love filled partner. I am thankful to you all and am going to thank my students – Mr. Navneet Mathur, Mr. Sudhir Rampal, Ms. Deepali Rampal, Mr. Mehul Jain, Mr. Yashodhan Borkar, Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Ms. Maddy, Ms. Frankie Ranwick, Mr. Zahoor Ul Islam, Ms. Cristina, Ms. Cristine, Ms. Sunita, Ms. Bhavna, Mr. Sri Ram, Ms. Renu, Mr. Ashish Jain, Ms. Anupama, Ms. Minakshi, Ms. Mrinal, Dr. Subhash, Mr Nazi, Mr Yusuf, Ms Yatri, Ms Bela, Dr Naresh, Ms Shalu and thousands of others, and I apologize for giving this short list here. I know that the list will be endless, but please friends, if you find that your name is missing, please do understand that I am thanking you from the bottom of my Heart and I love you all.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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