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Teaching Reiki made easy for fresh teachers

By admin | In What do we do | on December 28, 2011

Fellow Energies, we are grateful to you all, for your continuous support and the most needed love, which has been a savior to us all in here. We are happy to see good and positive news from all over the universe and are pleased to see so much of positive energies around us. It is really a great feeling to know and feel that the number of Reiki Healers, Reiki Masters, and Reiki Grand masters is increasing every day.

It is really nice to know that Reiki light is spreading and so many are eager to learn and fill their life with Reiki. We all know that Reiki has been a success in spreading love and light in all the energies and helping us get all we want, clearing the blockages. We are getting many emails from Reiki Masters and Reiki Grand Masters, who want to know, that how can they teach better.

We always have been trying to write these articles here, so as to help and guide who ever needs. First of all, we all must accept this small truth that every teacher learns something new with every class and from every student. We all must also honor every student and their every question and try to reply honestly. Many new Reiki teachers try to read and refer different books or online content, in order to clear their queries. However, we would like these and all to read, understand, check and than only reply for the questions. We must try to avoid replying and teaching with the content we read, but should try to explain more after understanding and verifying with our conscious. We can also do some of the practicals on self or energies around us, and once we are confirmed, we can share with all. We must all try to be open and available to share all what we are learning, since our students and energies around us will also be open to share what they felt or got with them.

Reiki Teacher means that they have to flow all the positive energy they can and should also do it since it removes any kind of blockage. Keeping something that is good and avoiding sharing with others might create a self blockage, which is to be avoided. It is easy to do the Reiki Mastership, but it is easier to be a good Reiki teacher, if we act towards it. Just if we are a good receiver and a good reflector of our learning, we all will be a good teacher too. We all if are able to accept any kind of criticism, sarcasm, critic and failure, than only we can be a good role Reiki Teacher. We should also be able to stay positive, honest and do all what we are teaching. If we teach that for a good Reiki Healer, we should avoid any negative act, we must also act that way. If we teach that black color is just a blockage and there are only seven colors, that of Rainbow and our major Chakras, we should try to use these 7 colors only. However, recently we started working on two more colors, Golden and Silver, which we will be sharing sometime soon.

I am sure that you are able to understand all what is needed to be for a good role Reiki teacher. I am thankful for your love and blessings, which is helping me in my journey towards a positive universe.

Blessings, love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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