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Some easy ways to find blockages and cure them with the help of Reiki Healing

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on April 2, 2011

Some easy ways to find blockages and cure them with the help of Reiki Healing

Fellow Energies, we are really grateful and thankful of you for giving us your valuable time and suggestions in writing these articles here. We had been thinking a lot on what to write here, which we can share with you all and help in a better living life, free of blockage and negativity. We were asked if we can teach a way by which we can see if the person or future act is going to be good or bad for us and how the negativity can be changed into positivity.

As you all know that we all the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters are trying our every effort to make you self independent and confident. We worked on the desired and are now able to give you one solution for it, which we do feel that you will be able to implement and get the optimum out of it.

Most of the Reiki Healers after learning distance healing from their Reiki Teachers and Reiki Masters, are able to know that the power symbol ‘Cho Ku Rei’ is to be visualized in white color. After some practice, they are able to see it with their closed eyes. Once they are able to make it with their Brow Chakra on other energies and visualize if in white color over others, they are ready for this magnificent experiment.

Now, to see if there is some blockage in any other human, we need to draw the power symbol on their seven Chakras, one by one. We must be able to draw and visualize properly in single effort. If we find some sort of difficulty or are unable to see it rotating, it means that there could be some blockage there. we must try to do it with a calm and patient mind, since over doing of anything will just be giving a bad effect. However, if we are looking for any relation with that energy, we can force draw it to burn the blockage in it and make them positive towards us. Similarly, if someone is having a business or job, they can search for the best location for them to work and if they feel that they have to be in any blocked area, they can charge it.

Some of the store owners can search for the area or items which are avoided by their buyers or are just blocking them to buy their products. They can thus move the products and can improve the ambiance of their store and help their buyers with whole lot of positive energy. We are sure that you will give this experiment a try and see the difference for yourself and lead a better, blockage free life.

Thanks a lot for your kind requests and suggestions and keep us motivated.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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