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some of the reasons for reiki Healing failure

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on March 31, 2012

Fellow energies, we are happy to share all of what we learn with our and your personal experiences, so as to help all who want to know more. There are many in this world like us, who always love to learn more and more, while this hunger for better and something new is never ending. With every other day, new experience, new day and new light give us a new dimension and a confidence to see the born of a new era in near future.

Today evening, we got an email from a fellow energy from India, who want to have a relationship Reiki healing on Milan Reiki grid, only if we can assure him. He said that he will be sending small installments of money everyday, till he can see some positive changes since his communication had broken about four months back. He seemed to be hurt, but his words looked like he was double minded and want some magic to bring his girl back into his life, and by that time, he will be looking for other options available. His words in the email showed that he was just going to try his luck using Reiki and if Reiki helped him in getting that girl back, he will accept her, otherwise he would have the other girl.

Most of the receivers we get here through our website are generally positive and firm with the believe that if they are asking for a particular Reiki healing, their wish will be granted. However, this man’s word looked like he was just thinking of giving it a try and was having lack of confidence. I apologize for my harsh words here, but pleased dear friends, we all know that we Reiki healers and Reiki masters can only do Reiki healing as taught, experienced. Most of our successful Reiki healings demand a good receiver and a correct Reiki initiation which result in a 100% clearing of blockage. 

So, after talking to this guy, we were able to understand one thing, which came out to be good only that if a receiver is negative, the Reiki Healing may be a failure. Sometimes the delay could be due to the same reason, as one of the receiver being very negative or indifferent towards it. Some receivers also consume alcohol, non vegetarian meals and do some other negative acts, which could hamper the process of Reiki healing too.

My humble request to all receivers is that please try to come with your full of faith and confidence, when coming for a Reiki healing and always try to perform a proper energy exchange for your Reiki done. Try always to be grateful to your Reiki teachers and Reiki masters, irrespective of their age, color or sex. If possible, try to perform energy exchange for your healing or learning with your Reiki Healer and Reiki teacher. Always pay your gratitude towards your Reiki teachers and fellow Reiki energies. I am thankful to my Reiki teachers, and all of you around me, here and everywhere.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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