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Reiki flyer Dec 2018

Reiki flyer Dec 2018

Fellow energies, I am grateful to you all for your continuous reminders for my Reiki workshop. I am now conducting a two day Reiki workshop on coming 8th and 9th of December 2018 at Sushant Lok, phase 1, Gurugram. This is in the basement of a friend Manish Saini’s residence, who is an architect and is helping me conduct this workshop. I am thankful to him and his support.

The content of the Reiki workshop is shared above, and am sure that I will be able to give value to all the participant energies. 

Today, I am sharing an effective way of Reiki healing, which I learned a few days back only. It was found that during our distance Reiki healing session, or in 1-2-1 session, if we are facing North direction, our results are much better than normal. I was confused at first, but now I am using it on a regular basis, and am sure that it will be of help for all. Yes, I will be sharing the above and many other findings in my workshop, so I would like to request you all to join or share with your contacts, for whom it may be useful and value.

Thanks to you all.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain





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