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Rock salt for snake bite or bee bite

By admin | In Success Stories | on October 3, 2012

Fellow Reiki energies, we are grateful to you all to have your kind presence around us and are pleased to see you back with us after our three days off. It was just due to the reason that I was away on a holy tour with my family and there, we were most of the time in our bus or busy in worshiping temples. It was a small trip to places known to Jain religion and are related to some of our 24 Teerthankars. We went to Kampila Ji, Baria and many other similar places with sacred value.

We were at Manglayatan, one of the closest religious places from our place, as we were on our way back to our home. It also have a Jain education school and college in their premises and they do teach good moral values to the students. They also have a good, small restaurant, where we are allowed to have our breakfast, lunch or dinner as per Jain religion, but everything is prepared and given under Jain pattern. They only give meals before Sunset, and the water used for drinking, cooking is also filtered using a cotton cloth. All the meals are prepared is a pure vegetarian, with little spices, without any vegetable that is grown under earth like Potato, Carrot, Radish, Onion and Garlic. So, after having dinner, my mother was leaving the restaurant with my father for a small walk, where a bee bite her hand. She was so much in pain, that she shouted and attracted the attention of almost everybody there. I was outside that time, so was rushed into the room.

I saw her holding her hand and crying in pain, so asked what happened and why was she in so much of pain. She told me that a group of 2-3 bees bite her hand, which make her hands swollen and filled with pain. I immediately took this piece of raw rock salt piece from my pocket (which I generally keep all the time for in case of any SOS need like this or Psychic attack removal), put it in some water and than rub it on her bitten hand. The place where the bees had bitten had all started to get swellings and I think it was an instant action done, so should help her. After about 2-3 minutes of rubbing on her hands, I can see the improvement and calm in her voice. After this, I asked her if she still felt the pain or burning feeling, but all was gone like a magic. I similarly gave this small piece to one of a student there, who told me that it was normal there, and he would like to try and work on for others, who may get stink of bee next time.

This small happening with me yesterday, and the purpose of my sharing it with you is simple that if I am telling you all the great positive things about rock salt here are true and are really working. I never tried or will try to lie ever with you or ever. The experiments or healings as shared on our blog / website are 100% real and working and the reason of sharing them with you all is just to make you use them and burn your life’s blockages too. Whatever we do or teach is simply scientifically proven and tested, so we all must understand that Reiki is a simple science. some people say or call Reiki as a magic or religion specific, but as per me, Reiki is a science and we all should learn and promote with open heart.

We are thankful to you all for accepting and sharing our articles.

Reiki Blessings, love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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