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Rock salt for healing cancer

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on October 18, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for so many useful and informative email of yours, which are helping us to work on some more better and new blockages everyday. We are at times, surprised to see so much of widely spread knowledge, which we are unable to use due to our self blockages or our careless nature. However, we are also please to see so much of spreading awareness for rock salt around us and are also glad to see that we are able to share its unique and marvelous uses in burning blockages of our receivers.

Today itself, while going through some facebook comments and pictures sent by our fellow energies, we were shocked to see one small thing, which was that during Cancer, our blood became acidic in nature. It is a small one line sentence, but it shook me completely from inside and I suddenly felt a new ray of hope shining. As we all know that rock salt is alkaline, and also that alkaline kills acid if both are contacted. This simple formula is also used by us in making people reduce and then finally leave off alcohol and any other negative habit of smoking or drugs. But after reading this small but huge statement, made us confident that we all will be able to heal and remove this scary blockage from our receivers for sure in sometime.

We now have to understand that we need to do our regular Reiki healings to the Cancer patient (our receiver) if any, including Psychic surgery and should ask their family to feed them any meal using just rock salt, instead of any other salt. We can also give fresh fruit and vegetable juices or salads to our receiver with rock salt, so that the acidity levels are reduced further and the alkaline levels grew. If further alkalinity is risen, we are sure to see that the blocked Chakras and body integral parts like Kidney, Liver, Heart start functioning normally. I think that after about 2-3 months of a regular use of rock salt, we will be able to burn most of the blockages. However, with a continuous use of rock salt in shower, meals and anywhere else possible and allowed. 

We are now sure that rock salt will be helpful to us all in burning these blockages to help our fellow receivers to have a better life filled with love and happiness. Using rock salt, we will be able to give our cancer patient a better, longer and painless life and I am sure that if we spread this word in this world, we will have fewer blockages in this universe and this will be a better place to live.

  We are thankful to facebook, which helped us in finding this useful information and after realizing only, we were able to share it with you all. We are also thankful to you all for accepting and sharing our articles with your friends and the energies, that may need them.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain


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