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Returned back to home town from Dubai

By admin | In Meditation, Science of Reiki | on December 12, 2013

Fellow energies, we are grateful for your kind queries, support and Reiki blessings to us all. We are thankful for such new and mind opening questions asked by you, which are helping us to work more in some new direction. 

During this routine to UAE countries in middle east, I was able to understand and realise the basic concepts of Reiki, which we have been talking about in past. This time, we were able to conduct a Reiki workshop for a group of small group of three students. We all did, all what could be done and were able to understand each other a bit better. We were also able to give a better understanding of Reiki to all and the students could feel their own Aura and Reiki energy. 

Since I was on my own, I had time to meditate and focus more on a few of Reiki healings, which were having too much of blockages. I started working on one of our fellow energy, who was having red coloured blisters on her body parts, which keep on coming, reducing on small intervals. I myself and a few more of fellow Reiki Masters of our Reiki healing centre ‘Reiki Energy Healers’ were also working on it, but still were up to nothing much.  

Due to this all, I took sometime alone for myself, so I closed all the lights of my hotel room, played a slow music and went in to deep meditation. I used Jose Sliva method for the meditation, as it has been a great tool for Reiki energies like me. During the meditation, whenever I tried to reach our fellow energy, I saw her bed, black in colour. I tried to visualise many times, but every time I tried, the colour of walls, room and dress changed, but her bed remained black in colour. This was becoming much more confusing as I tried about 5-6 times, but the result was same.

Later on, when I got up from my meditation, I felt that this colour of bed was indicating something, so I had to discuss with her. I asked her if she had changed her bed mattress, bed sheet or blanket in last some 4-5 months. She told us that she had changed them all, as had to move to a new apartment, and also had changed the detergent during this time. It just made my doubts a bit stronger that the culprit was her bed, while we were working on other possible issues. After changing her bed sheet, detergent and blanket, she told me today that since past 5-6 days, she is feeling a lot better.

Things are relieved and her blisters have started reducing too. This was a great news for us, as now we can focus on her other required healings. We thus shared the same with our fellow Reiki Masters, who were also working on her distance Reiki healing and now are sharing with you too. Sometime, we just try to send Reiki healing as desired by our Reiki receiver, but it becomes important for us to identify the blockage too. If any Reiki healing is taking too much of time to heal our receiver, we need to find what is wrong, and thus make it right.

Thanks dear Jose Silva, our Reiki teachers, Reiki energy, great teacher Mikao Usui and all of our fellow energies. 

Reiki Blessings, Love, Light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain



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