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Responsibility of a receiver

By admin | In Our Chakras and Aura, Science of Reiki | on June 13, 2014

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your all the support, kind queries and mails related to Reiki healing energy. We are trying to read your mails, suggestions and comments, and apologise for the delay in writing or sharing here. We know that there are many of follow energies are regular visitors to our website, and then if they see nothing new here, they call or mail me for the same.

Since I am managing this website / blog Reiki Energy Healers, I take this as my own responsibility for less articles. I will also share that I had slipped at home last week, and had a big swelling on my skull, left side. I was in bad shape, as the pain was enormous, and have been unable to have a sound sleep for more than an hour. It was just due to the reason being my left side of skull was having very bad swelling and pain. I had been doing my own self Reiki healing, which protected me from any life threatening situation. I am today, a lot better, when my swelling has reduced to about 80%, and pain has reduced a lot too. 

Today, I will be sharing with you all, on what we should expect from a receiver for in a Reiki healing. This is important concern for us all the healers, since we are at times, unable to give proper instructions or responsibilities to our receivers. We must understand that we all the Reiki healers are just a mere Reiki energy reflectors, who just reflect Reiki energy, on to our receivers, so as to burn their blockages. We are doing nothing as magical or superstitious, which will work instantly and show the result in a day or two. This may work in a very short time, and may even take some months, as in case of blockages to blockage.

Our receivers should understand that they are to be a good and honest receivers, so as to accept Reiki energy on to them. If Reiki healing has to be done for someone known to a receiver, like for health issue or a relationship, where receiver and other energy has to be worked upon, duty and liability on receiver is more. This just means, that as we have been explaining and sharing with you all, that for a Reiki healing, we do Psychic Attack removals, Psychic surgeries etc., our receiver has to stay positive, calm, avoid non vegetarian meals, junk foods, smoking, drinking etc. The reason being that in Reiki, we are working very carefully and actively, and any kind of blockage occurrence in our receiver could make delay in our healing process. The healing, which could show result in a week’s time, may end up taking months, without result.

There are a few cases of relationship with us, out of which two have started showing improvement and positive results, while one is showing opposite results. On checking, our findings were that we asked our receiver to visualise what they want in life, as in to be with their loved energy, while the receiver had been thinking and for the reason of being scared of partition, was thinking just bad. This small visualisation is one of the keys of delaying in healing process, as in Reiki healing, we say that whatever we visualise during our Reiki healing sessions, happen. Therefore, we request our all the receivers to stay firm, positive and only visualise or see good with their closed eyes. Even if they witness anything wrong or which is going against their wish, they should still stay focussed with their positive intentions only.

I am sure as per my personal experiences with Reiki Healing energy that whatever we see with our closed eyes becomes real in this world, using positive thoughts and vision. It just need our devotion, sincerity and commitment to a blockage free love life.

Thanks to you all, who helped me in writing this article.

Reiki blessings, love, light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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