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Reiki workshop in Dubai conducted in April 2012

By admin | In What do we do | on April 18, 2012

Fellow energies, I am here to share my experiences related to the Reiki workshop we conducted in Dubai, during my this month’s trip. We have been getting many emails and phone calls, where some are anxious to know and ask about what all happened in our Reiki workshop, we conducted there during this April 2012. It was as always, a memorable experience for me, which I will be sharing with you all.

This Reiki workshop was conducted at my facebook friend and Reiki co student Ms Shalu Pathak’s residence, with a few of her friends. Her friends include Ms Archana, Ms Geeta, Ms. Bela and Mr Naresh Suri, who came all the way from Al Ain to drop his wife Ms bela for the workshop, but insisted to join us. It was great to meet these new friendly energies and yes, here I must tell you all that Ms Bela was already an advanced Reiki Healer, and she just wanted to join it, since she want to know what new I was bringing in for all. During the Reiki workshop, there were many times, when they all seem to be surprised that if it was really them only, who were performing Reiki. They also seem to be amazed when they were able to tell blockage in any other energy, without asking or even touching.


Reiki workshop in Dubai April 2012

Reiki workshop in Dubai April 2012

We also than discussed on how do our thoughts convert into positive or negative energy and make changes in our Aura and how can we enhance it. It was really nice to make them a better and positive energy, and much more self confident, independent, sincere, honest. I was really feeling happy and thankful to our Reiki teachers, because of whom, we were able to spread and make more positive energies. I was also feeling grateful to our earlier students, who helped us in creating new experiments, and making our students a better Reiki practitioners.

During these experiments and teachings, every minute seem to be like we were not having any relationship of student – teacher, but like all were students. I really love teaching like being one of a fellow student, since it helps me learn more from them about themselves and teach further. This all is just a next learning class for me, while students were learning their lessons, which is being a habit for me. I just mean that in every workshop, I try to learn along with the students as they learn their part and I learn what I have to learn. Now, you must be thinking that what I learned during this workshop… well, I am going to add one more practical in our next workshop. In our next workshop, we will be trying to tell the direction of any one sitting in a different room, without asking or telling our students. If this experiment goes fine, we will try to discuss and find the color and dress code of the person, and than later the description of the person too. If this all goes well, I am sure that our students will be excited to learn and practice in their personal lives as well.

This and some more experiments will be taught in our upcoming Reiki workshops, as we love to share and teach all what we learn. This all will just be helping in creating many more and new, much more powerful Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters. I am thankful to our Reiki teachers and fellow energies, who helped us spreading more of love and light around us every time. My sincere regards and love to you all who directly or indirectly are helping me in my Reiki filled life.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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