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Reiki Treatment for Mobile Car or any other electronic equipment

By admin | In Reiki Experiments and us | on January 11, 2011

Reiki Treatment for Mobile Car or any other electronic equipment

Fellow Energies, here we will be discussing about performing Reiki Healing on our electronic equipments like our cellphones, , I mean mobiles, laptops, car, washing machine etc. Since you all know already and we have been discussing that everything around us is just a different form of energy, and Reiki Energy is just a way to clear off the blockages and burn the negativity. We all see that anyone or anything if it gone Kaput (failure or ill), there is a sort of either blockage or some kind of negativity or some other issue, which need to be removed or in our language, burned off.

It could be surprising for some of you when you have read the topic of this article. However, it is like a normal Reiki Healing we do here at Reiki Energy Healers and other Reiki Masters, all over the world here. Now, here will will try to explain a bit in details, for making Reiki Masters, who want to give it for a trial in their Reiki healing. If some of the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters are doing healing for electronic equipments, than this topic could be like any other, but for others, it could be a good new start to try and step ahead in their healing dimensions.

Here, first of all, we all should first check the problem of our device, and we need to diagnose it by our Aura scanner palms. Once it is done, we should than make power symbol on it and purify it, burning all the negativity it had. Now, we should use our balancing symbol, so as to balance the receiver energy. Than we should either perform psychic surgery (only if needed), or do normal healing for simple issues. Please just keep in mind that for sensitive objects, like screen of your mobile etc., please only use your power symbol for healing, since if you used the Reiki supreme Energy Symbol, it might burn off the screen itself. Believe me and have trust in me, since this happened with about four of our Student Reiki Masters.

We here all would like you to do a good Reiki, since this can also be done by any distance too. We and many of our friends have treated and healed their Washing Machines, Cars, Mobiles, laptops. I am sure that almost all will try to heal their electronic devices and equipments with the help of Reiki Energy first before giving  call to their mechanic.

Thank you all for being here and help us spread this informative and enlightening Article.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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