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Reiki Teachers should be open to learn new

By admin | In Success Stories | on October 25, 2011

Fellow energies

We are thankful to you all for your continuous support and guidance, so as to progress further in our life. We are getting many emails everyday and out of which, we sort out and try to answer some here, so that all of you can get the benefit. Our sole intention for writing articles here is to spread the knowledge and awareness of Reiki Energy and Reiki healing.

During our past tour to Dubai, we came to meet many new contacts and were able to understand a few things. One of a Reiki Master we met was talking a bit weirdly. She told us that she left Reiki healing, since she was getting delay in results and was working on Feng Shui and Pranik Healing instead. It sounded a bit strange to us, since we had been getting good results, however, in some cases, where there was a lack of proper energy exchange or other issue, the Reiki Healing was taking more time. Still, we had been getting good and fast results, and we have already updated about them on this website here. On showing and telling about them, she just said that miracles do happen in the world, but she was having a very little belief on Reiki.

However, later we realized that it was all because of that her teacher must have missed some points while teaching her. There may be this issue because of slight mental blockages or some personal problems lately in her life. There are many reasons, for which we ignore important things and move on, but we must try to understand, before giving up things.

After meeting her, we were sure of one thing that she was just busy in getting Pranik Healings done by other Healers and selling Feng Shui items from her outlets. She seem to have given up Reiki Healings or teachings. It made up a bit sad, but anyway, after this small meeting, we got one thing in our mind that we all must teach our students with our best information. If there is any kind of doubt or confusion about anything Reiki, we must try our best to solve it, since they are going to be a Reiki teacher in future or a good Reiki Healer too. If we want them to be a good teacher, they all must be a good student but we all also have to be a good teacher at first.

This small meeting helped us learning a good lesson, and after coming back from there, we called our all the students to see if they had any doubts. Whenever we are having any Reiki workshop, we call our past students with their doubts if any so that they must learn to improve. However, in every other workshop, we always have some or other new experience to share. Every workshop helps us and our students to learn more and also help us in a better teaching.

We here are thankful for accepting the Reiki articles written and shared here and are happy to see that things are changing. The energies, who are unable to get good results from their Reiki Healing, should consult their teachers to see what they could be missing. We are sure that if we are able to teach better, we will be able to spread better love and light in this universe.

Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain     

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