Reiki Symbol and their different color reason

Reiki Symbol and their different color reason

Fellow energies, I was a bit unhappy and confused when in my first Reiki class, I was asked to visualize different colors of the Chakras I was taught. It was a bit confusing for me and other fellow students to understand the reasoning for giving different colors for different symbols. However, after my Reiki Grand Mastership, I began to understand it and now after a long time, I am here able to share this info with you all.

We were taught to visualize Symbol no. 1 as in white color since it was a power symbol. Now I realized that white is the only color which is the combination of all the symbols of RAINBOW, or seven Chakra colors. It is now easier for me to make you all remember and easy to think of the Chakra colors similar as any rainbow. In any rainbow, we learn in primary classes that the colors are VIBGYOR, and so does in our body Chakras. Our body Aura acts as a prism, where white light strikes and breaks into seven colors and give a separate color to different Chakra.

This power symbol is used to purify and cleanse the Chakras. Now, another few symbols were in pink color. These were balancing and a relation symbol. We already know that it is only blood, that is similar in us all humans and the color is red. What unites us all is just blood. We can only give and receive blood easily, no other body part is easy to exchange with either. Therefore, our Reiki Grand Master Mr USUI had think of these symbols color as Pink and Red.

Than there are some other symbols, which are in Violet or Golden color, they are because of lightening energy. They are used for faster healing or severe treatments. Due to this only, this that we are able to perform our healing better and eternal. Even the Psychic surgeries or Psychic attack we heal using these powerful symbols. We are now able to understand why our teachers are using different symbols with different color.

The same is used in graphology and other sciences as well.

Thanks for your time and patience. Please do give your comments, so that I can update if I missed something or can be useful for me and many more here as well.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain