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Reiki simple meditation technique

By admin | In Meditation, Science of Reiki | on October 6, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for accepting and sending your kind comments for the articles written and shared by us here. We are please to get so much of positive response from you all and are happy to share them with you here. However, if you feel that we made some error or mistake, do inform us, so that we can make changes and improve our present. We are happy to see that many of you are able to understand the articles here on this blog and are able to see the changes after performing the experiments as shared here.

Today, we are going to share another nice and informative article shared by our loving fellow Reiki healer Sriram Bharat. He despite his busy schedule, was able to send another article today, so without any further delay, we are updating it here. He gave us a small and unique way for a better meditation and self cleansing in another was as we call it. After working on it a few times, I mean practicing it, you all will be able to do it easily.

Hi Today I m going to explain you a simple method which can be used as Chakra balancing and aura cleansing but also it can be used for improving our energy to higher levels.


Visualize a ball of white or golden light on top of your Crown Chakra.

Then the bottom of the ball is slightly touching your Crown Chakra. Feel it for a minute.

Now take deep breathe and while inhaling pull the white ball light into your Crown Chakra and into your head. Breathe normally.

Exhale all the stress or negative emotions out.

With every breathe you take see this white ball of light flow down slowly from your head to your feet ,gently energizing every part of your body and filling it with light.

As it does this, see the light pushing out dark grayish matter out of your body through your finger tips and feet.

See the light filling out all the dark area of your body and then see it following all around you surrounding you in a bubble of light with you in the center. Hold this image in your minds eye till you are comfortable.

Open your eyes and feel the new energy which had filled in every cell of your body.

This procedure will help you burn your blockages easily, and help you in cleansing and burning your Chakra blockages

 We are thankful to Mikao Usui for giving us such a great learning, our Reiki teachers, to teach us, our fellow energies, to help us learn much more new things everyday and you all for your valuable time. Thanks to you all.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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