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Reiki reaching to the Acceptor

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on May 19, 2013


Dear Friends,

We in our everyday chores come across the part played by Reiki, to make our lives more worthy to live. There are times when we are too much busy in our lives due to many reasons and forget to give importance to matters or issues related to health which needs immediate and is of more importance.  In such situations we can feel the presence of Reiki energy. 

I have come across the same situation, two months ago.  I was in a situation where I forgot to heal my own cousin sister and failed to recall later that she needed any help from my side. I could understand only when I read her messages the next day.  Till date I feel bad for the incidence. But equally happy that Reiki energy, in my absence took care of my cousin.

My cousin worked as an educator at a school here in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Two months ago when she was returning from school in a school bus, she sprained her back, and also was going through work load stress.  She was getting very less time for herself to do self healing, as she too had completed her Reiki second and Reiki third Degree. 

She called me and told about me her condition, I advised her to take some time out from her work. Take a place where she would be comfortable in her hostel, and concentrate on herself. But she informed as she was overloaded with work if I could give her healing. Initially I thought it would be good if she can do it herself because as per my experience touch healing gives fast relief, but looking at the time, as it was around nine in the evening, I decided to give her healing. 

 Hurriedly I went into the kitchen and asked my mother to give me something in dinner as I have to sit for healing; she immediately gave me my meal. While having dinner I started to watch television. I sat in front of the television for more than an hour watching one serial after the other. In the process I completely forgot that my cousin had asked me to give her healing as she was in suffering due to pain.  After watching the television, I straight away went into my bedroom, still was unable to recall about the healing that I was supposed to do. 

Sitting on my bed I thought for some moment if I was missing out something, checked my emails, and went to bed. Next day  I woke up in the morning and checked my cell-phone to know the time, my usual habit. There I saw four messages from my cousin. Seeing those messages suddenly I recalled that she had asked me to help her heal and I had forgotten to do so. Without reading any of the messages immediately I messaged her to inquire how her back was? She happily informed me that the pain was all gone in half an hour after she had called me last evening.  I was surprised as I had completely forgotten to give her healing, but she was relieved of pain.

Then reading the messages I found that she was really out of pain after she had called me in the evening. I kept the words in my mouth rather than telling her or anyone about it, because I was feeling guilty for unable to heal her in time, but was surprised too how she got relief from pain. Again I messaged her to inquire where she had taken any medicine to get relief from pain, to which she said that after I had given her healing she went to sound sleep and had woken up fresh  the other day.

 I kept all the ifs, whys, and buts to myself refraining from further discussion. Then after someday I visited my Guru, and while discussion on our experience and the procedures of healing, I told her my experience and revealed all what took place because the incidence was  in my mind and wanted to know the reason. 

On my telling her the experience my Guru informed me that as we become the medium of Reiki energy, it continuously starts flowing the moment ourselves or anyone our near or dear one or person unknown to us asks for healing. If the energy had healed my cousin without my intervention that means the Divine energy had taken me as channel and did the healing on behalf of me, because I had the thought and openness  to heal my sister but somehow I had forgotten. It took my place and helped my cousin in healing.

She even said, that  if we have already given any positive affirmation and then the events were out of the mind due to some reason , the Energy takes the charge and completes the assigned work, it happens if we are positive, always approachable and have acceptance of the situation.

I thanked my guru for sharing this valuable information. I thank all my friends, my gurus, my guide, my parents, for their tremendous support and love.

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