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Reiki protection from violent people

By admin | In Success Stories | on March 14, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your kind comments and regular emails, helping us in new Reiki Healings. We are happy to learn and try different and new techniques for Reiki healings and pay our gratitude to our Reiki Teachers and Reiki energy by sharing all on here. We were asked that why do we share all of our personal experiences and Reiki healing methods here, and I told our friend that it is our way of energy exchange for Reiki Healing energy. We paid the fees to our Reiki teachers as were asked to pay, but in the core of our heart, we still feel grateful towards Reiki energy, so try to help all other energies around us. This is our salute and gratitude, energy exchange to Reiki energy, which has been helping us in clearing blockages of so many energies, spreading love and light.

Last week, I was asked by one of our female neighbor, who was doing a business of submitting bills for different public utilities, like electricity, telephone etc. She have been working too hard for living, as we know that her husband was a bit ignorant and was just being on his own. He was just busy in living a free bird life and careless life so seem to be neglecting business as well his family. He was asked to deposit some cash payments in Bank for the business, but on the way, he spent all or used it for his own but the money never was deposited in the bank. She realized it late, when people started coming to her shop, scolding her and abusing her of the fraud, which her husband did and she was totally unaware. She got scared to know all about it and was rather shaken, so came to us for help. She came to us yesterday telling all about it and was rather shaken and sounded too much depressed and stressed.

We asked her if we should do Reiki protection for her business and herself using our Reiki Grid Healing, where she can also get the benefit of business growth. She was confused at start, but since she knew us for long, accepted it and asked us to start from today only. She asked us on how she can protect her shop from violent people coming to her and shouting, abusing her, which was giving a bad name to her and her business. We asked her to spray rock salt solution at her shop and counter, so that all negative people and any other violent energy is away from there. We also asked her to take a shower using rock salt and to keep some with her, all the time. We asked her to get us a recent photograph of her shop and herself for Reiki Healing, but she asked us to take from our digital camera, which we took from our mobile and took the print out for Reiki Grid.

We arranged her Reiki grid at about 12:00 noon time here, and send her all the Reiki energy we could. We than connected it with our Reiki Grid, so that it was getting all the Reiki energy from the grid and protection for herself and her business as was needed. We used all the Reiki symbols such as Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai Koo Myo, Zonar, Apta, Vasudha and even the Tibetan Dai Koo Myo for her healing. In the evening, when we met, I asked her if the day was fine and she had a comfortable day or if any violent person hurt her.

She sounded very positive and cheerful, relaxed today and told me that her day was better, relaxing and any kind of abusive person was unable to be seen. She told us that today most of her clients were happy and were very much understanding. Today, from the time we started her Reiki Grid healing, she felt some vibrations in her abdomen and heart area and sounded very relaxing. This was a very good news indeed for me and our fellow energies, making them much more confident and positive towards Reiki Grid healing. We are going to share this news soon with our fellow Reiki Grand masters, Reiki healers but since its the time for me to leave net, I thought I better share it with you all first.

Thanks to you all dear fellow energies, for all your love and blessings here.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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