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Reiki Principles to follow by us

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on October 6, 2012

Fellow energies, We are grateful to you all for sharing your kind and love filled articles with us. Today again, we are sharing one similar article, which is written and compiled by one of our fellow Indian Reiki healer and I am sure that you all must be familiar with him. He is Sriram, who despite his busy schedules, took sometime out for writing and sharing his own words with us all.

We are thankful for him as he gave sometime to us and you all for reading it. Friends, we must understand that it is only time which is limited with us and we can never get back the time gone, so anyone who gave this time to you even one second thought to you, it is precious. We must appreciate the time your friend or even anyone who hates you, give you some of their valuable time. And if someone give this time in for helping you or others, it can never be replaced or exchanged with just words, so if you have to thank anyone, give your all the love, full hearten blessings to the energies who gave you this precious time of theirs.

My sincere blessings to Sriram and all others who are writing to us or reading the articles shared here, as for their time and also for those who gave a small thought for us. I am grateful to my Reiki teachers, who opened my blockage and gave me such a nice understanding and perception everyday about life and help me in understanding something new.

Now, I would take your kind permission for letting you read about what is going on in Sriram and are sure that you will be able to understand more of Reiki and what we should be doing.

Today I am writing this article based upon my experiences and observations with different people. We as a human beings have lot of attachments and commitments that leads to our desires and wishes.
First person:-     He will desire or manifest for a wish fulfillment to be happen soon hence he will keep some deadline and also he will start worry about the things should happen fast in time that leads to failure.
Second person:-  This person who is having  faith in his desires or manifestations for wish fulfillment will see the results late but at the end of the day he will see the result that leads to success.
So from the above first person who always worries which lacks faith and self-confidence will get will fails always because
worry acts as the major blockage in our desires and manifestations. So if we have the faith and self-confidence in what we are doing then every day we will be succeeded it’s a secret. So I advise the receiver should have 100% trust on his master or healer while we are in the stage of first person just change like a second person by doing proper meditations daily as our sadhanas(practices) will make us like a second person  which success will follow us rather than we follow success.
Where the Reiki grand masters,teachers and some practitioners are also doing this same procedure by just preserving the patience and avoid worries.
So be patient and never loose faith and self-confidence inside you till you reach your goal.
I had written this article by taking some inspiration from my my family,others and also myself.

Mostly I had to say our master Vineet jain who will preserve patience till the end of any discussion is also my biggest inspiration.
I feel gratitude towards Vineet Jain, Mikao Usui and the almighty who are supporting me in my spiritual life journey.

Friends, thanks for your valuable time and understanding. Reiki blessings to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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