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Reiki Master level and what do we do teach to create new Reiki Masters

By admin | In What do we do | on October 18, 2010

Reiki Master level and what do we do teach to create new Reiki Masters

Fellow light workers. There are many Reiki Masters, many Grand masters among us, who have gone through the process which I am trying to illustrate down here. The Reiki Masters will be able to recall their Mastership here and can feel the gratefulness and gratitude towards their Reiki Teachers here. I am writing all this for being thankful for my Reiki Teacher Mr Bharadwaj and Mr Sharma, who changed my life. I am also thankful for my friend Mr Jitender Kumar, who supported my mentally and financially in the time of need. I am also thankful for my student Reiki Grand Masters Navneet Mathur, Sudhir Rampal, Mehul Jain and other students too, who gave me a feeling of flowing away. My Distant Reiki Grand Master Mady (Canada), friend cum guide cum brother Yashodhan Borkar (Dubai), my friend cum past life mother (Frankie), my loving wife (Priyanka), passionate kids (Abhay and Vibhor) am grateful to all of them.

If I am not mentioning any other names, I apologize, as I might have skipped or out of my mind. When now, I am thinking and visualizing past time of my Mastership, I just keep thanking you friends and especially my another mother. that is Basil Plant, or (Tulsi) as we call it in India. I am really obliged to be gifted and want my students and friends to give my best to all.

In this Mastership Lecture, we teach our students on how to do initiations and attunement for the students for level 1,2 and 3. The students try to practice and after their some more of practicals, we ask them to leave for the day and come back next day. Some of the students, who are willing to take Grand mastership are asked to come back after their meals.We also ask them not to take any heavy meals tonight for dinner, and they all have to come back empty stomach next day, since for the Mastership Attunements, we need them to be as pure as they can be. We also advice them to put on light color clothes and the ones, in which they are comfortable.

First and foremost, I must tell you all of those going for Mastership, should not take any meals before going for it. They must all come empty stomach and have proper vegetarian diet the day before. The students need to have good and nice, comfortable clothes, so that they feel like all fresh and new. The students should avoid any harsh perfumes, mild fragrances are allowed however. Try to avoid any dark clothes, light shades are preferred.

We greet the kids with flower petals and light music. After taking off shoes, and switching off the mobile phones, we start our day. After a small talk, we take them all for meditation and to Alpha stage. At this stage, we narrate and take them at a place, where they can feel the presence of other Reiki Grand Masters, spiritual people. After giving them a proper Attunement and initiation, we gave them a Reiki charged, scented and sweet water to hold in their hands. We ask them to charge it with all the Reiki Energy Symbols, we taught them. After giving them the needed initiation to the water, we give them an Oath so as to be always helping and positive. We gave them an oath to keep sending Reiki Energy to mother Earth and the universe. After this, we asked them to drink the charged water.

After this, we all hug and bless our new Reiki Masters. We bless them with our best of wishes and blessings for a bright future ahead. I am happy to have fellow Reiki Grand Masters who are helping me spread love and light in this world.

Thank you all for reading this article of mine and spreading love and light

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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