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Reiki Master course

By admin | In Workshops | on September 26, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful for your all the questions you ask us us and help us in sharing all of your queries with relevant solutions here. We are pleased to know that all of this conversation or solutions are helping many of our fellow energies in someway. It is really a good thing to share and exchange views with other fellow energies, so as to help and advice all.

Since last some, we have been asked on what is the difference between Reiki mastership done by western teachers or Reiki level 3b by and Reiki grand Mastership by us or any other Asian teacher. Friends, I must here tell you one thing, that Mastership in all tells one simple meaning which is that we all are able to use and follow certain parameters, which have to be followed more strictly. Some before entering in to Reiki or after completing their basic Reiki learning, some start to think that after having their Reiki Masters, they will be able to do everything with ease. However, as per our personal experience, our duties and responsibilities just grow with time as we grow in age and posts. The only benefit we felt after becoming a Reiki Master is that we are able to use some more of Reiki symbols, affirmations and methods, which we learned later on.

In western countries, Reiki is taught in only 3 different levels and workshops, while in India, we have 5 as taught by Reiki healing foundation here. The level 1 is everywhere having a course module of touch healing, self cleansing and healing. However, as we learned, we also add to clean our self Aura, how to check and feel our Aura with in this class. Level two in western countries give a learning of distance Reiki healing and the students are also taught of Reiki master symbol in the same class. Where ever we only taught the basic three Reiki symbols and how to use them effectively using practical experiments with our students.

Western teachers teach the attunement process till level 3 in the level 3 or Reiki Master level, where as we have a long list of lessons to be learned here in this level 3a as we call it. We teach Reiki master symbol, Psychic surgery, Reiki new symbols, Milan Reiki grid arrangement, Kinesiology, Psychic attack removal, Reiki grid arrangement for multiple healings.

We have two more levels to learn and teach, which are known as 3b and Reiki grand Mastership here, which are normally taught in India or by Indian teachers only. in 3b, we teach about the attunement process to our students of and for level 1 till 3a and do a deep and all different meditation cum attunement to our students. This process is very much intense and powerful and our students does feel the difference in them, since here, we give the energy of Reiki Master symbol to their full body system.

In Reiki Grand Mastership, we do a Reiki grand Mastership attunement, where they are also sprinkled flowers and are treated like royal. We also share the secrets about Reiki and the attunement process till Reiki grand Mastership. We also get them to pledge to be honest, truthful and positive for life and a promise to give Reiki to nature, mother earth and Universe.

This is going to be continued, since now our students become our fellow reiki masters, and we can share everything with them openly and with free mind. Interestingly, we have added a few more things to teach and share with our fellow energies here. Since the workshop for this Grand Mastership is concluded in very little time, we have added sessions on EFT Healing, Theta healing and PSI energy healing in it. We also teach them on how to arrange Reiki Masters grid, which help them easy to work with and to do multiple Reiki healings, working or operating from anywhere.

Finally, we hug and greet our fellow Reiki masters and bless them all with a never ending happy and love filled prosperous life. We are sure that you all are able to see what is the difference in our teachings or what do we do and how are we different from others.

Reiki blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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