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Reiki is fake or real

By admin | In Science of Reiki | on May 29, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for your acceptance to our all the articles, and sharing with other fellow energies. We allow you all to share these articles on your websites, your personal blogs or anywhere, since the mission for this blog is to spread love and positivity around this universe. We are happy to see your overwhelming response and are thankful to you and your fellow energies, who made us meet someway.

Today morning, I got a call from an unknown number, which was sounding very much rude and seem hurt, as she was like blasting at me. She asked me if Reiki was real or fake, and I have to prove her and all that Reiki is for real and she want to see some real evidences for it. It really made me slight sad and confused as for what could possibly have happened to her and was she hurt by any Reiki healer or was she getting trouble in getting her wish fulfilled. With these few questions in my mind, I am writing this article and am looking after your comments and suggestions on what should be done in such concern.

Reiki as we all know and I also have mentioned is a cosmic, universal energy, which we use to burn blockages and clear the path and help our receivers lead a blockage free life. This blockage may be for health, personal relationship or financial matter, as all these problems, we call it as a blockage only. Two important factors depending on a success of Reiki energy to pass from Reiki healer to a receiver are energy exchange and gratitude. Many Reiki receivers as we have experienced are either interested in free healing or want to perform energy exchange, once the results are seen. This means that they want Reiki to transfer under some sort of condition, which definitely is a wrong manner, like you are trying to bind any light and store it, and open it, once your wish is done. In this small way, we also feel that some Reiki healers who have this self over confidence, may accept it as a challenge and do it in case of some big amount or target is shown. It again means that receiver is avoiding any kind of gratitude for the Reiki healer, and also trying to block their heart, Brow and Crown Chakra. Now, if the receiver is blocked, that can be understood, but if a healer is blocked, it is very difficult for Reiki energy to pass through a Reiki channel. We must avoid to give or accept any kind of challenges or bets in case of Reiki healing, since they just block the flow of Reiki energy at the instant. If any receiver is unable to pay or perform any other way of energy exchange, it should be done on mutual consent. There are many, who keep on asking for Reiki Healing on a regular basis, and also are many who keep on accepting, giving Reiki healing, without any proper energy exchange. As we all know, Reiki energy is a bipolar energy, there has to be a proper set of energy exchange, or the purpose of easy flow of Reiki will be defeated.

Some regular Reiki Healers or Mass healers, start doing mass healings and workshops, which is definitely a good practice and should be done in order to spread it better. However, they all must be clear and transparent for what they are doing, and what is their intention and what energy exchange they are looking for. Some start promoting themselves as some spiritual saints, and some with different names, which can be done in the interest of self promotions and as they may like it. But, they should clearly mention that this is simply done using Aura analysis and the healing is done due to Universal and cosmic energy. They are just Godly sent energies like others, and are doing it for their living. Self praising and proclaiming as God’s chosen child or else is really surprising, as to me, we all are God’s child and every one of us is able to perform Reiki healing and clear blockage from others.

May be due to some blockage of a healer or receiver is causing such kind of negative vibrations all around, making people negative towards such a positive and helpful energy. I just want you all to help others, but with pure intention and asking your receivers to be positive, loving and grateful to your receivers. Reiki energy will clear blockage for sure, and it may take time due to the hard blockage, but it will be cleared off.
I am thankful to you all for reading my articles here and sharing your views. Please do send me your views, comments at my email or fb if you really are concerned.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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