Reiki helped me find my soulmate

Dear all, I am happy and thankful to you all, so as to make my life, what it is today. I am writing this mail, after two years of finding my soulmate, using guidance, support and blessings of Reiki, Vineet Jain along with you all. I had been looking for a life partner in my life, as my age was crossing 35. I forgot to tell you about myself. I am 38 now, a happily married woman from Hyderabad, now settled in Seattle, United States. 

My parents had been having quarrels and fights off and on, making me think multiple times, before going on to a marriage. My father also has been short tempered, and mother was like had no voice of her own or any say on my marriage. I wanted to have a love filled marriage, and was dreaming for a wedding with a prince charming, as I had been hearing in fairy tales. However, I and my father had been turning down almost every proposal, that came, since I was unable to see anything a complete man should possess.

After contacting Vineet Jain, I felt like he is altogether a different man, as his talks, way of healing was different than the others I contacted. He asked my parent’s photographs and detail in for my relationship healing. He took about a while, and was silent in for replying my queries most of the time, and kept on asking me to talk to my father for making up the relationship of my parents. I was confused, as if I had to work on anything, what was I paying him for. Anyway, I did as he said, as there was nothing for me to loose, except my patience and his fees.

I did exactly as he and other Reiki masters of this asked me to do. I was using rock salt in meals for my family, shower and even cleaning of house floor. I was also asked to meditate, twice a day at a particular time. I was surprised to see that slowly, the relationship of my parents was improving, and slowly, my father was becoming polite towards my mother. After about 5 months, Vineet Jain told me that he felt like a good proposal is coming to me, when I told him that there was a good proposal, but she had turned it down. After our discussion, he told me that the proposal should be a good one, and I should reconsider my decision, and after his call, I began to think about it. It was strange that even after denying, this guy’s parents talked to my father again and tried to contact again. I saw this guy’s photograph once again, and accidentally I met him in a school fair with my nephew, where he was with his niece. We talked and I felt that he was a nice guy, unlike what I felt before. 

After a few meetings, I accepted his proposal, and now we both are like made for each other. I married him about two years back, have a sweet baby doll daughter, and I call her vini. In this way, I am giving my gratitude to Sir Vineet Jain, who helped me in this huge transformation in my life. Thanks to you all too.