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Reiki Healing with Colors

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on May 21, 2013




Reiki Healing with Colors

Dear Readers,

My apologies for late writing of the article. Here in Ahmedabad the Summer is taking toll on many. Heat waves continue till Four in the early morning and then the temperature goes down only to a bearable point. Till morning one can bear the morning environment and by eleven in the morning the mercury shoots to 44 degrees Celsius. It is continuing for more than a week now and forcing people to stay indoors rather than they could venture outside. Many health related problems are also there with the severe heat. This heat penetrated the skin and creates health issues. Old people, children, plants, animals are falling prey to this summer.

Yesterday while returning from my class I received a message from a fellow Reiki Master who asked me to heal her headache, running nose and eyes. She was suffering since two days and was unable to concentrate in her work in the office. As she was going through the phone numbers of other fellow Reiki healers , she came across my name and immediately messaged me and asked me if I can give her healing. She informed me that though she had taken medicine still the condition has remained the same.

I did an experiment , that once or twice I did on myself, the showering of seven colors on myself and then visualizing the colors going and filling the particular chakra and brimming with positive energy. This same I repeated on her yesterday. I imagined her in my third eye and showered her with white light for two or three minutes. Then again I visualized her and showered the colorful lights on her, these colors are those which represents our chakras, red, orange, yellow, green, violet, and indigo. I gave intention too, I gave the intention that I while healing her I saw her fresh and smiling . she can inhale properly and her eyes are sparkling. I gave intention, that all her chakras are clean and free from blockages. She is receiving positive energy.

After visualization and intention, I continues giving her Reiki for half an hour in the afternoon. I also used all the four symbols. Then I discontinued healing once I felt that she is fine. Then in the afternoon she called me and thanked me. She asked me what did I do as she was feeling better and was more energetic. Though she practices more compared to me she still wanted to know. I told her the use of colors, then my visualization and intention and keeping an positive approach. Though she is more senior to me in Reiki Healing she wanted to know how I did it. I explained all the process that I have written above. I requested her, that being a healer she should avoid negative words from her statements, and she will too gain the same satisfaction what I had.


We both thanked each other, and then we thanked Reiki Energy as itI help us to think and be positive in healing with some experiments.

I thank my parents, my Guru, my Guide, and fellow Energies who help me every day to cross hurdles in my life and also they are my strength where confidently I can heal and get the output.

Jhuma Roy, Email: jhuma25@gmail.com

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