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Reiki Healing to Car for protection from accidents

By admin | In Success Stories | on April 27, 2011

Reiki Healing to Car for protection from accidents

Fellow Energies, we are grateful to have your kind support with us and helping us in our ongoing and new future Reiki Healings. We have been trying to improve our fellow energies’ healings and routine life, and hope to burn off all the blockages in our life.

We have just moved to Indrapuram this month, and here we have all new ambiance and new energies around us. We can see that things are a lot different than earlier and that we have much better receivers here than at our earlier place. Yesterday, I was asked by our neighbor for giving a Reiki protection to their new Car as they were having small accidents with that new car almost every week.

I had a piece of rock salt in my pocket (which usually I keep every time with me), so took it out for the healing and protection for their car. I stood in front of their car and started giving Reiki Healing to the car. I made the symbol ‘Cho Ku Rei’ on the car and visualized it in white color and started my Reiki Healing by cleaning off the negativity from it. I was surprised to feel the negativity coming out of it as it was sort of repelling me from making the symbol and burning off the blockages. After this, I drew symbol ‘Sei Hei Ki’, visualized it in pink color and make the energies balanced. After this, I made the symbol ‘Dai Ko Myo’ and the than ‘Raku’ symbol to initialize it on the Car. I than tried to spread the Supreme energy protection in and around the car and visualized a great energy Aura shield around it.

I than made symbol ‘Apta’ to fill it with harmony and ‘Aum’ symbol to fill it with spiritual energy.  Finally, I made the power symbol ‘Cho Ku Rei’ again for locking, sealing and establishing the Reiki energy in it. I than disconnected, paid my gratitude to Reiki Energies, my Reiki teachers and Reiki Masters. I thanked Hell’s fire for helping me in burning the negativity of and in the car and my fellow Reiki energies, and you all.

I got a call today noon that they were saved in a going to be mishap on road. They said they are still unable to know what prevented them to hit the truck coming from opposite side in huge speed, as it had a brake failure. I am happy to help them and other fellow energies.

Thank you all for helping me and guiding me in spreading love and light.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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