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Reiki Healing Psychic Surgery for the damaged Retina

By admin | In Success Stories | on February 8, 2011

Reiki Healing Psychic Surgery for the damaged Retina

Fellow Energies, as you all know that we are always sharing our new way to do Reiki Healing with success with you all, so that you can also learn and spread much more light. We all the Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters are trying our best to learn and share all the latest methods of clearing off the blockages and negativity in any energy. This time, we are sharing one Reiki healing, where our receiver was told to have damaged Retina of her left eye by her physician.

This definitely made her sad and under depression, since anyone who have a loss of anything is sad, and this was the case of a loss of one whole eye. When we came to know about if before the final reports, we had asked the couple if we could do some Reiki Healing for her. but due to their disbelief and lack of trust on Reiki, we were refused. This was a sort of negative for us, but still we were sort of sad for her. And now, when we got the news, it was really disheartening for us, since the receiver had been hurt a lot in past.

After taking her permission, we talked to our fellow Reiki Masters and start working on her eye’s Psychic Surgery. We first of all, asked our receiver to relax and calm down. We asked her to think positive and have confidence and faith on us and Reiki healing. During the surgery, we played a small Brow Chakra meditation music, so that she feel relaxed and is under alpha position of her meditation. during the healing, we asked her to concentrate on her Brow Chakra.

We than started our Psychic surgery and in distance connection, replaced her eye and retina of her eyes. After replacing her organs, we established supreme energy in her eyes and heart. Once her Aura was normalized, we tried to give her all the seven Chakras a simple healing and charging. After the healing, we asked her to slowly come back to her senses and open her eyes. After this 15-20 minutes of healing, she was feeling very light and relaxed. This treatment was done for about a week and psychic surgery was done on the alternate days only.

This gave about 80% improvement in her retina and she was able to see back. This is now about two weeks of her treatment and now she is perfectly well. Her retina is cured and is now able to live a normal routine life.

We all are grateful for you, her family and her for helping up serve her.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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