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Reiki Healing process

By admin | In What do we do | on October 20, 2010

Programming Crystals, Reiki Grids and other Reiki equipments or anything else with the help of Reiki

Here, at Reiki Energy Healers, we welcome you all to the world of learning and practical experiences. We here try to teach you all with practicals and experiments, which you can try on your own and give your Reiki Healing a new level. We will try to guide you to some simple tips, which will help your healing to be faster, effective and continuous for long time.

We have here tried to explain in our earlier articles about Reiki and other all the things as a part of energy. It may sound a bit complex to understand all these thing from any book, but with the help of these small practicals, as explained by us and others, you all can improve your healings. Earlier we told you about using Reiki equipments in Reiki healings for better results. These equipments like Crystals, Crystal clusters, Crystal wands, Pyramids, Crystal Balls, Crystal jewelry etc. These are the few basic steps which will help you get the maximum benefit and transfer of Reiki energy from Reiki Energy Healer to the Reiki Energy Receiver.

Taking Permission from the Receiver

This is needed by the healer, to make the energy transfer better and spontaneous. This not only helps in faster but good results of Reiki healing. In this, the receiver need to take permission from the receiver and the receiver needs to accept the healer as the transmitter of energy for the healing needed.

Charging and protecting (grounding) yourself (the healer)

Now we Reiki healers must not forget to connect to the Reiki Energy, so as for to send a good and powerful energy. We all can use Reiki symbols for charging and protecting ourselves for the healing.

Connecting the Receiver

The Healer need to connect to the receiver as if at the same place, or if distant, the Reiki healer can do so by using Reiki symbols, telephone call or any other mode of contact. Some Reiki Healers often use telephone, Computer chat, webcam chats etc. for the same. This connection is needed in a calm and peaceful environment, with no disturbance to the healer and the receiver. There may be a slow soothing music in the room. You can also use some Aroma candles or Incense sticks, to energize the room and ambiance  for the healing.

Purifying the Receiver

We all must now ask the receiver to be calm and close eyes. We must ask the receiver to try to meditate and think positive and about good things. It will help in speeding up the healing process and a good initiation. Now we all should Purify the receiver (Energy) and see the blockage or negativity in it. We can do it while purifying using the Reiki Symbols or Reiki equipments. Reiki Dowsers can do the same and help very easily too. However, most of the Reiki masters are able to feel the Aura and get a better analysis without much instruments. Now, the Reiki healers need to burn away all the negativity or blockage, present in the receiver.

Healing the Receiver

Now the Reiki Healer or Reiki Masters start up the Reiki Healing process. This is usually done using Reiki symbols and using touch for the healing at times. For Psychic Surgery and Psychic Attack removal however, we do not normally touch the receiver. This healing process may take time from about two minutes to forty minutes or longer, depending upon the issue.

Establishing the Reiki Energy for Healing to be continuous for longer

This is now done by the Reiki Healer and Reiki Masters, so that Reiki keep working in the body of the receiver. Even after the session of Reiki Healing, The energy is programmed and is established in the receiver so that there is a continuous flow of Energy, till the receiver is healed permanently.

Importance of Disconnection from Receiver

After the healing process, the Reiki Healers need to disconnect from the receiver’s energy. This will help both of them to have no transfer of energy after this. Sometimes we see that either is suffering or feeling what other is feeling. This happens only for the reason that sometimes the healer forgets the importance of disconnection from receiver, after the Reiki Healing process. This is one of the important aspects in Reiki Healing process and must not be ignored.

Receiver to be back to life

Now, we must ask our receiver to open eyes, and back to normal light. The receiver should be asked about the healing process and their feelings to it. We can ask some other things in their meditation process and must explain how they may feel later on. We can also give some of our past healing experiences, so that they are able to understand that what had gone through them and what else is going to come ahead.

Energy Exchange

This is the most important part and integral part of Reiki Healing or any other Healing, and even for Astrology, Numerology or any other metaphysical aspect. We have been explaining you all about the importance of energy exchange in Reiki and why are there failures in Reiki Healing. We have also explained that this is bad for both, the receiver and the healer, if there is no energy exchange done. The energy exchange should be made such that both of the healer and receiver are satisfied. It could be in the form of money or anything else, what the receiver feel like. It must be done on mutual consent of both.


The Reiki Healer or Reiki Master pays Gratitude towards his teachers, his spiritual teachers, parents, and to the receiver. Gratitude pays an important role in our life, and we sometimes seem to be forgetting its importance in our life. We must all be grateful for everything we can. People showing gratefulness towards even their toothbrush, computers, kids, wife, bed, vehicles and all they use in life or meet in life are happiest in life.

Thank you all here for reading this article.

Love and Light to you and yours

Vineet Jain

USUI Reiki Grand Master

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