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Reiki Healing our Thoughts and Intentions

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on June 4, 2013


Dear Friends,

I am always taken by surprise how Reiki energy guides and gives indication to me. Few days ago I was busy in healing my age old cell phone. Suddenly my brother called me, I was happy to see his number. I received his call and felt that his sound seems worry some. He told me that his work is suffering. I asked him the reason, on inquiring he informed that he was unable to do time management and thus his creativity is getting tested.

After his call was completed, I informed the same to my guide (Vineet Sir), he advised me to visualize and shower violet, golden light on my brother. I did what I was asked, and too added white light, and symbols too. First day my brother informed me that he felt good and was able to concentrate in his work. His senior was happy that day.

The dame day in the evening he again called me, I felt he had some concern. I asked him what the reason was. He said that as I am healing him, there should be some energy exchange. Otherwise at times the purpose to heal fails. I agreed and gave him information of my fees, my brother agreed. He told me in detail all the reasons of his delays in his work.

In next day’s healing I implemented some methods that I felt from my heart would do good to my brother at his work place and will also keep him free from stress. I visualized him working in a positive environment and showered the whole region with white light, then violet and golden light, and continued healing it for five minutes. Then after disconnecting the connection I gave the same healing with violet light and golden light to my brother. Then I drew the traditional reiki symbols on him. later I gave healing to the whole event , and I gave a thought and intention that he is working in a positive environment.

When I completed all the healing, I visualized a cloud of white light with kriya symbols and placed the same above the head on my brother with the intention it is safeguarding him from negative situations, and it worked.

My fellow energies, it is important how we are healing and with what intention. If the intention and our heart is open and ready for acceptance we can achieve positive results. I thank my guru, my guide, my parents, and my fellow energies who guide me, and also Reiki energy which gives some approachable thoughts while doing healing. Friends when we are guided by reiki energy always give your heart to hear rather than ear. We will be able to understand more. Everyday is a new day and new learning, thank you reiki for guidance.

Jhuma Roy, SEO,


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