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reiki healing for weight loss

By admin | In Success Stories | on January 24, 2012

Fellow Energies, it give us enormous pleasure in reading your love and light filled emails, articles here. We are pleased to have you all around us and are trying to share your articles in here, so that other Reiki Energies (Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters) can get the benefit. We are sure that these small techniques will help you all in a better Reiki Healing, as they are tried and confirmed by our fellow Reiki Healers and Reiki Masters from all over the world.

About three months back, we got a call from a female from Pakistan, and she told us that she was unable to get married due to her over weight. She was about 21 year of age, with her height 5′ and weight about 95 Kgs. She sounded very much depressed and want to know if Reiki Healing can help her in reducing her weight. She have done her Reiki level 1 and 2 and want to know about other Reiki symbols and if we can give her distance attunement and teaching for level 3. We told her that we do online teachings and have a few successful Reiki Grand Masters and Reiki masters from different countries, who took distance learning from us. We will be providing her a certificate for the level 3, a few crystals, Reiki Grid for level 3, a Master Reiki wand and notes for the same. We will also give her online teaching for about 4 hours a day for two days, and she can come up with her doubts for answers, at anytime.

She was excited and than paid the fees by Paypal the same day, and started learning the very next day. She got her attunement and coaching, and after this all, she was asking us on how to help Reiki in for her weight loss. We asked her to be calm and try to change her eating habits to some extent. We advised her to take as much as fresh fruits, vegetables and some dry fruits in her diet, avoiding cooked, oily, spicy or non vegetarian food. We also asked her to take soups and fresh juices if feeling hungry, and may take bread and vegetable curry when feel tempting.

We than asked her to Charge whatever she eat or drink with Reiki Master symbol Dai Ko Myo and also to use other Reiki symbols. She was than asked to regularly charge her all the seven Chakras, and giving a good initiation to herself while doing Reiki Healing to them. We asked her to Charge and work on her Heart Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and Base Chakra. This was all needed as for all the food intake is to be properly digested and all the blockages need to be cleared as early as possible. These Chakras help in faster digestion and better excretion of waste from body, helping in a better hygiene and good health. We also asked her to do Reiki touch healing for her said Chakras, and she can also do the same for her 24 body parts, as taught in her level 1 and 2.

After all this, she kept on asking and clearing her doubts from us, and today noon, we got a good news that she lost about 8 Kgs in last two months, after her Reiki learning. She was very happy and excited to do for herself and told us that she is also doing the same for her younger sister, who had lost 4 Kgs in her first month. Now she is trying to open up a small female clinic for reducing weight by Reiki Healing in Pakistan. Her one uncle is in London, so she is also planning to migrate there and do it there, since she will be getting much more exposure and money in there. She plans to settle in London later and get married too. She has sent us a recent photograph of hers to us today, which we were really happy and pleased to see. It was almost the same which we were visualizing during her Reiki Healing.

We are thankful to her for her Reiki Learning and receiving all that we were giving into her and using it in her life as well. We are thankful for our Reiki teachers and all our fellow energies for accepting and helping us flow of Reiki energy. We are also thankful and grateful to all the Reiki healers and Reiki masters of our Reiki energy healers as well.

Blessings, love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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