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Reiki Healing for vehicles

By admin | In Success Stories | on February 21, 2011

Reiki Healing for vehicles

Fellow Energies, we are thankful of you to share your kind comments and sending articles to us. We are also grateful of you for sending us the topic of articles, you wanted us to write on this website. We had earlier discussed about Reiki Healing of almost all the energies. But as asked by one of our friend on facebook.com, we are here going to discuss about Reiki Healing, we need to do for our vehicles like any car, truck, bus or SUV.

As we have been discussing with you all, we teach Psychic Reiki in our Reiki workshops, 3rd Level. So, when some of our friend’s asked about it, we tried to think on how to share and make you understand about it and finally, we are giving it here.

It had been a long drive for me and some of our friends to the Tiger resort ‘Sariska’ near Alwar, Rajashan, India. Since we were all sitting in our friend’s Innova Car, we were all talking and having a great fun on the way while talking, having snacks, singing, shouting etc. On our way to Alwar, suddenly, we felt a great jerk and our car was forced to a halt. It was sort for a sheering shock for us, since it was raining heavily, and it was difficult for us to get any mechanic at that time. However, we pushed a bit, till it started and steered our way to the nearest workshop.

We though that we will be able to get our problems over here and will again start off our way to our resort and come back before night to home. It was really getting worse, since it was pouring and our friend, who was the owner of car was a bit scared. We were told that we will have to pay about Rs. 60000/- that means 1400USD/- which was definitely not in our pockets. They were helpless to let us avail our credit cards too, since the credit card facility was a bit faulty there due to heavy rains. Our friend, who was the owner of car asked us, if we can do Reiki for the car, and there was a bit sarcasm in his tone. However, we ignored the negativity, but ask if they were willing to do any kind of energy exchange for the healing, and we would than love to do the Reiki Healing. We ask them to drop us at our home on way back, as our energy exchange, but they denied.

However, since it was a trouble for us too, we did the Reiki healing of the car, and initiated that ‘we have reached our destination metro station comfortably on our way back’. After our 2-3 trials, the car again started and we drove to our destination resort, had snacks and reached back to our destined Metro station. There was definitely no sign of trouble in car or any noise, so we were all comfortable that the car will be all okay. the owner was still saying that the car was working even without Reiki Energy.

After we got down at our place, we left our friends and started our way off to metro station, and were called by our friend. He said the Car was again stuck Jammed at the station and they have to get it towed away since it was not even starting than. We than realized that it was with the help of our Reiki only, that we reached home safely and if our friend had agreed to drop us at our home, it would have been okay till long, but we can never force anyone for sure.

This helped us to know and understand the importance of Energy exchange in Reiki once again and we do hope that you will understand the same too.

Thanks for your kind support and continuous love.

Love and light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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