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Reiki Healing for under eye dark wrinkles

By admin | In Success Stories | on August 24, 2011

Reiki Healing for under eye dark wrinkles

Fellow energies, we are very much happy and excited to read your overwhelming emails, full of love and light. These emails make us feel grateful to you all more since we are able to share much more with you all here. Some of your emails are filled with the Reiki Healings you do, and some are with your kind suggestions or comments. Some emails you sent are also filled with blessings and gratitude for learning new from the articles shared here with you all on this website.

Today morning, we got an interesting article from our facebook friend who is a Reiki Master from Iran and is in United Kingdom right now. She told us about one of a unique Reiki Healing she did on her model friend and receiver for her under eye dark wrinkles. In this email, she sounded too much excited and thrilled, so we are editing a bit and sharing it with you. She told us that she had a model friend, who seem to have started getting some dark under eye wrinkles since she was unable to have a proper sleep. She also had a weak digestion problem, but need to get rid of those under eye wrinkles, since her modelling career depends on her looks.

Our friend Cathy (Reiki Master), asked her model friend to come regularly for touch Reiki Healing sessions, about every alternate day. She also asked her to modify some of her diet plans and added some dry fruits and fresh fruits to it. She when met her model friend for Reiki, asked her to lie and relax on her Reiki charged bed. She played on soft and soothing music in the background and lit her camphor lamp and olive oil lamp. After that, she charged her both hands with Master Reiki symbol Dai Ko Myo and placed them on her eyes for about 7-8 minutes. She than placed her hands on of her all even Chakras using her Reiki charged hands, one by one. Just in case, we must remind you all that you all must remove hands one by one and one hand must be placed on either Chakra, and not both hands should be removed from body together. this is to keep the Reiki connection intact with the receiver.

After about five such sessions, Cathy’s model friend was able to see positive changes, since her dark spots were lightening a bit and the scars were also going. In about 4 months treatment for than, all the dark wrinkles and the scars were replaced by a tight and fresh under eye skin. The model had been paying her about 50USD for every Reiki healing session, but after seeing the results and final session, she gave her a small Gold chain worth 2000USD.

It was really good to know the after effects of Reiki healing and the successful results of this great Reiki energy miracle. We are now sharing it with our fellow Reiki healers and Reiki Masters. We are therefore sharing this love and light filled article with you all here as well.

Thanks to you all for being with us as always.

Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain

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