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Reiki healing for ulcer

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on April 18, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for sharing your experiences with Reiki healing energy and what made you or yours much more confident on it. We are also thankful to our Reiki teachers, fellow energies, who supported us in learning and later in sharing all what we could. Every new day comes with something new for u and all, and we are trying to share everything we can.

Today, we are sharing another such great email received from our fellow Reiki Master from Ahemdabad, Gujrat in India. She have done a remarkable Reiki healing for her mother and is sharing with us all to show the real wonders of Reiki. This healing just shows that Reiki energy flows from every Reiki energy, despite what Reiki symbols or healing system we follow. The main energy supporting Reiki or any other system is the pure intention and a good visualization, with a positive approach and trust on Reiki Healing energy.  


Dear Readers, 

 I am sharing my healing experience which I did on my mother to cure her for ulcer and thus helped her, prevented from going under the knife after the sonography. 

 The incidence goes back to the time when I was a student of Reiki level one. My mother suffers from acidity and was later diagnosed  for ulcer. the treatment continued for many months and then years. In the year 2010, her condition deteriorated and she started getting stomach aches on regular intervals and it failed to cease even though she continued taking her medicines. The same year, one summer late evening she was in incurable pain.

We took the advice from her doctor who suggested for sonography of the stomach before the medicines were prescribed to her. We agreed to take her for sonography, but my mother was reluctant and was afraid the same time, as she dislikes allopathy  but everybody in the family suggested her to once go for sonography and then for medication.

 That night seeing her in pain too felt too bad. though i was tired but i decided to give her reiki to ease her pain. i placed both the palms on her navel and stomach after a small prayer and thanking my then guru and everyone. 


I continued giving her touch healing for more than an hour, it was around twelve in the night i heard her snoring, taking my palms back i realized that she has been eased from the pain, and temporarily healed till nest day. 


Next day, i took her to the sonography center. We went there early because the administration people knew me. My mother was too nervous that time. But she was equally happy that she was free from writhing pain. There was a glow  on her face too.


When the doctor called her for the sonography I accompanied her into the chamber and sat there with her taking, her hand in mine and constantly chanting prayer for her wellness. And thus the sonography took place all the procedures were completed. and after some thorough scanning of the reports the doctor informed me that there is no visibility of lesions, or internal boils.


Then i personally took the reports to the doctor who was treating her for ulcers, she too was relived from the doubts about existence of any kind of internal boils which may turn to tumour in future. she then just prescribed medicines for her acidity as she has irregular eating habits. 

I was relived from the tension and worries, and thus my mother had a huge smile on her face. Though I used to give healing to her for her leg ache or headache and she used to be free from pain, it was a complete miracle for me too.  

Till date she would recall  the day and would tell everyone the benefits of reiki.

I am thankful to all those who has helped me to write the first article on my experience with reiki. I thank my guru, my guide, and all for this.


with regards,

Jhuma Roy


Thanks Jhuma for sharing such a nice eye opener article for us and all of our fellow Reiki energies. Keep writing to us and help this universe.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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