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Reiki Healing for Tooth

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on May 17, 2013

Fellow energies, we are pleased to share another great article written by our fellow Reiki Master Jhuma. We are thankful for your kind comments and appreciating her articles. We hope you will continue coming here and share your Reiki experiences with us, so as to help us in spread of positive energies and burning of blockages from this universe.

Dear Readers, I have discussed before the miracles Reiki energy shows us. There is less impossibilities once we accept the Reiki energy from our heart with gratitude. Also  the gratitude is for  each and every individual, plants, animals, non-living beings who help in becoming a mediator to get connected to Reiki energy. I thank all the energies, my parents, my pet, my gurus, and my guide for love and support they give to me. I am sharing my recent experience with Reiki energy.

I am an avid believer in the Divine energy, and always take the positive stand that whatever happens, happens for good.  Describing my situation of last week, I was upset due to many reasons and was nervous too, I had online exam in pipeline, and many other commitments to fulfill including writing articles. But somehow all the events got delayed. In the meantime I got tooth ache suddenly.

At the  same time my Grand Master had asked me to be with her for the Reiki Second Degree.  Because a female was needed to guide the other participants, and there was female Jain sadhviji (maharaj). One of the reason my Guru asked me to assist her was the presence of the Jain sadhviji who could take help and support from the other female members, and while assisting we have to be constant for the participants to support them and guide them all the while. 

But the tooth ache constantly robbed my concentration, and at the same time I was busy engrossed in teaching symbols to few participants in the groups including the Jain sadhviji too.   In the intervals the assistance were pampered with chocolates to relish, and I am a die hard chocolate fan. I took the offer and ate a bit from it. Suddenly I felt a chilling-pain in my tooth.  I had to give up eating for some time. 

During the running session I decided that this would affect me in my work, I thought on it what I should do to prevent this situation. After third degree Reiki and learning the basic pranic healing, I decided to heal my tooth with positive intention and visualization. But the first day I had very less time in hand, the day was very exhaustive.  I feared of losing my tooth to cavity, and then the series of extraction the dentist would do. Due to some reasons, the same day I could do little for my aching tooth, but was completely confident for a solution.  

The next day I  got up early took some time out and concentrated on my tooth, and at the same time  I had in my mind to go to the session too, but with the pain it would had been impossible for me to support and concentrate .  Keeping all my worries aside I started the same visualization of aching tooth. First  I showered myself with the white light then I visualized my tooth in white light for some time, and then I in my intention I saw an ache free tooth  and visualized myself eating chocolates.

I continued giving the positive thought, in my intention I saw that my tooth has become healthy again and I can chew too. Then I gave my jaw chakra tough Reiki and pranic. I felt better to continue my days work and then I left for the session. That day I tried and avoided eating as I was bit sacred of provoking the ache again. Seeing me starving and avoiding eating some of my delicacies spread out on the dining table  my Guru asked me the reason. 


She avoided forcing me to eat as she knew the moment I will feel better, immediately I will rush into the kitchen to have something.  As the day passed I felt relieved in tooth ache but was still cautious as I was adamant to recover because I had seen the replacements of dead tooth and the extraction , too painful to bear.  

Coming back home I decided to continue healing my tooth  for three days,  and tried to eat and chew that food which  was soft  and required less effort ,  and so  I could digest too.  Then on fourth day I tried to bite a small portion of sweet to see if I have recovered from the ache. To my surprise I was able to chew  the sweet minus the ache with the same tooth. Happy as ever, I took into notice. I realized that if we give positive intention and are positive for the healing , Reiki energy is always helping and our positive thought would help to cure and heal the issues that at times we find difficult. 

When we accept that Reiki energy is there all the time, if in need give an intention and see the help is always there in one form or the other. We have to have believe and faith and positive for the acceptance.  Always be thankful to everyone in life.  Thank you Reiki energy, my parents, my Gurus, my Guide and all the fellow energies. 

Jhuma Roy, (M)09427222474,

Email: jhuma25@gmail.com


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