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Reiki Healing for tooth pain

By admin | In Success Stories | on May 16, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your kind love filled emails and comments, which really are helping us in some or other form of life. These all the emails we are getting, are shared with our fellow Reiki Masters, who just are grateful to your all the effort and continuous support to us. Today morning was one of such mails, which really will please you all and help in your future Reiki healings.

We got this email from our fellow Reiki Healer Indian friend from Switzerland, who is working there and staying all alone, without family or much of local friends. She wrote that yesterday night, she had a small fall on road, and one of her tooth came out with a load of bleeding. She kept some ice immediately and took some medicine to stop the bleeding and pain, as in she had to go for work, the next day. After sometime, when the medicinal effect was over, she again started feeling this terrible pain, which was getting difficult to bear at midnight. She was having this toothache and was also having a unbearable headache, since she was hungry, as was unable to eat due to her ache and cavity.

She just remembered one of our earlier articles, where we have discussed self and other energies’ touch Reiki Healing, visualizing the colors of Reiki symbols. In that article, we had described you, on how to actually see the Reiki symbols, with your eyes closed and also have told you the colors of all the Reiki symbols. She than closed her eyes, does the invoking of Reiki energy on herself and than started self touch Reiki Healing after drawing power Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei and balancing Reiki symbol Sei Hei Ki on both of her palms. She drew Cho Ku Rei in white color and Sei Hei Ki in pink color, and after this, started her self healing. While she was touching her Jaw, where her teeth was broken off, and later she did the same in pink colored light.

After about a fifteen (15) minute of self touch healing, her pain was almost gone like was never before, and than she thought of trying to eat something too. She checked, and it was normal bread and some home made curry, which she was confused if she will be able to chew or leave, but was able to eat all properly. She than again lie down on her bed for one more session of self healing, and after it, she really felt much much better and relieved. Next morning, she brushed her teeth, took her breakfast as normal and reached office. Until the time her friend reminded her and asked her of her broken tooth, she almost had forgotten the pain and what she had gone thru last night.

She after sometime, during her lunch break, mailed us to share this achievement of hers with us and many others out here. She knew that we will be sharing her article on with you all and our fellow Reiki healers, Reiki Masters, so she also asked us to mention it as well.  She also had send a payment of 400USD by Western Union to us, and we really appreciate her kind concern. We are thankful to her, you all and many others, who are helping us without even knowing much about us.

Our Blessings, Reiki love and light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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