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Reiki Healing for the Global Warming

By admin | In What do we do | on December 27, 2010

Reiki Healing for the Global Warming

Fellow Energies, it is always a pleasure for me to see you around here. It is a welcoming delight for me, when I see you sharing the kind information and your valuable mind boggling comments. I am speechless on your priceless and so adorable letters, where you are able to make some changes in your lifestyle and routine life after reading and following the articles on this website. We all the members, Reiki Masters and Reiki Healers at Reiki Energy Healers are grateful of you to show your kind presence and love, with which we just wish to continue till life.

Energies, It is about a few month back, when we started writing on this website and it is really a pleasure sharing useful and valuable information and content with you all. We were yesterday going through the weather news and were shocked on the ongoing climatic changes in the world. This world is suffering due to a lot of increase in pollution and the outcome of this is back as global warming. The earth is getting warmer and also is getting cooler than the normal earlier rates. We are able to see that the temperatures are falling below the normal in winter season, and are also growing abnormally high in summers. Many places around the globe are seeing snowfall for the first time in their lifespan. Countries like Russia have this year seen a devastating temperature of freezing minus fifty. Even if we take the example of Dubai, where it has been normally warm climate all the year round, it  is cooler these days, and people there have stopped using Air conditioning for their homes and offices.

We here when were listening to the news around the world, were sad about the changes in this climate all over the world. What can be done and what should we do from our side, so that we can undo the harm done to our mother nature, since it seem like she is crying for the damage done by us, and its time before something worse happen. In media and all over, we have been warned about the 2012 however. We all started thinking, and came to a small conclusion, and we do hope that all other Energies, reading this article will contribute to what they can, in their own way.

we will do about minimum of 10 minutes meditation for the Nature of our Earth and that the people living on Earth will stop ruining it. We ourselves will use minimum of electricity and will try to utilize our resources to the best. We all must avoid wasting things and any resource like water, power etc. We will try to use things wisely, and will water plants, where we find them needing water. If possible, we will plant a few plants. We will pool our vehicles, and for small distances, we will walk. We will minimize the use of our cellphones, audio and video equipments or anything which is not needed.  We will take minimum food in parties or restaurants and even at home, since second service option is always there. We will use paper to the maximum and will try to wear clothes wisely. We will not spread dirt or create nuisance in private or public places.

These are small changes, which we are working on since yesterday, there are many other things, which we will implement later on, and as per your guidance too, we will follow. We are free to accept all that is good for this mother earth and the human kingdom. We are really trying to work with our best on the rules as stated above and if you also follow the same, I am sure we can contribute some of our best to this Universe and our future generations. After some years, we all want our generations to be proud of, and they should not be just ashamed of us, seeing this corrupt and violent ambiance and destructed Earth.

Thank you all for sharing this article since it is in the benefit of us all and our children.

Love and Light to you and yours.

Vineet Jain

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