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Reiki Healing for swelling in finger

By admin | In Healings, Success Stories | on December 14, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to our Reiki teachers and our fellow energies, who gave us this unique gift of Reiki healing and a better understanding of blockages. We are grateful to your all the emails, comments with queries and are trying our best to solve them with our answers and solutions for them. We are obliged to have support and help from our fellow Reiki Grand Masters Jitender Kumar and Navneet Mathur for helping us in creating this blog for sharing Reiki information and updates on what we do here.

Yesterday afternoon, we were sitting in our office, when two guys from a nearby ICICI Bank branch knocked our office door. I was confused to see them, since I already am banking with HDFC Bank Ltd, and it was impossible for me to shift or move my bank account to another bank. I explained them everything, but they were keen to talk and discuss about our business and Reiki healing Canter, as I have asked them to take off their shoes before entering the office. I told them since we were having the Reiki grid in our room, we have made it mandatory for all to keep their footwear out only.

While discussing, one of them challenged me to prove the existence of Reiki and I can do good Reiki healing, if I could heal his index finger, which was twisted while driving bike about three days back. He was in pain and even after taking certain medication and bandage, it was showing very little improvement. I told him that we never do any magic and whatever we do was pure science based and if he was willing to see the science, I was ready.

After his acceptance and permission, I gave a small piece of rock salt to him and asked him to rub on the paining area. After this, I asked him to hold and close that finger with the other hand for about two minutes. During this time, I asked him to keep closed his eyes, but chant any God or anyone he used to pray in the time of need. After this two minutes were over, I asked him to open the eyes and feel the pain in finger. Well, to his shock, he was confused if there was any kind of pain!! Yes, it was real that his pain was all gone in complete two whole minutes and it was him who did this Reiki healing. He said that it was me who did the healing, but I am sure that it was his own effort which made this healing, and I have nothing to do with it.

I am writing this article here, just to explain that some think that only any attuned Reiki practitioner can do a good and successful healing, but you all can see that anyone can do a good Reiki healing. The only thing is that Reiki symbols can be used after proper attunement but normal touch healing can be done using proper direction and help of a Reiki teacher.

We are thankful to our fellow Reiki Masters, our Reiki teachers and you all for making us understand and explain all about Reiki and in our new learning everyday.

Reiki Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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