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Reiki healing for swelling in eye due to eye infection

By admin | In Success Stories | on August 8, 2012

Fellow energies, we are grateful to you all for accepting our Reiki articles and positive affirmations, which we are trying to update from time to time. We are pleased to share all we can with you since we know that the more ways of Reiki healing, we try to share with you, we will be getting a lot more with time. We have been trying to share and keep you updated with all the articles that you all send to us, but are sorry if we take sometime, before giving it here.

Yesterday evening, my niece Akshita, who reside in Canada with her mom, I mean my sister, was face timing with me, when I realized that she was keeping her left hand on her left eye. On asking, she told me that she had some infection or injury in her left eye, and she had been trying to put some eye drops to ease off the pain, but look like nothing was working. She was looking too much in pain, so I asked her if I can do some Reiki healing for her eye, so after her acceptance, I asked her to keep her left hand on her eye, and just receive Reiki energy as was to be send by me.

After her eyes were closed, I used Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei to burn all the blockages and negative energy in her eyelids and filled it with white light. After this, I used Reiki balancing symbol Sei Hei Ki in pink color, so that her pain was gone and she was able to see clearly, without any pain. After this, I used Reiki Master symbol Dai Koo Myo for filling both of the eyes with golden color light, and visualized a golden liquid, flowing in her eyes, and than covering her whole body, so she was soon in golden color. After this, I finally established Reiki energy at her heart Chakra, using Reiki power symbol Cho Ku Rei, so that there was a continuous flow of Reiki energy to her.

After this Reiki session, I disconnected from her, and paid my gratitude to my Reiki teachers and fellow energies, along with my niece for accepting Reiki energy. After this, I asked my niece to open her eyes, and when she opened, she blinked her eyes a few times, to check if she felt any change in her eyes. She was surprised to see that most of her pain was gone, and she was able to open her eyes, without any support. She was feeling too light and happy, so I thought that I should write this article on here, and share it with you. I know that this is just another Reiki healing, but sometimes a normal Reiki healing for some could be new learning and could show a way with the hidden message.

There are many a times, when Reiki takes time to heal or show any positive effect, but as far as our personal experiences, Reiki energy always works. We know that after continuous efforts and failures, many of us feel sad, negative and helpless, but my sincere request to you all is that we must keep doing Reiki healing, as sooner or later, it will give result. Once we are able to have a firm confidence and faith on Reiki energy, we will see everything changed around us and that we are able to live much happier and with more of love. Things will be much easier for us and we will be getting success in any particular area with ease, with less efforts. However, if there are some blockages in some receivers, we know that the healing may take time to clear, but we all must continue making our efforts, without fail.

We are thankful to our fellow Reiki energy Sri Ram, Navneet Mathur, Jitender Kumar, Sudhir Rampal, Harpreet, Mehul and all of you here, for the continuous support which has been helping us. It is really a good and an emotional feeling, whenever we think of our past and we are obliged to have so many positive energies around us and supporting us. We are thankful to our Reiki teachers for teaching us all and it is because of them only, that we are here, sharing Reiki articles with you all. Without your or their blessings, it would be difficult for us to survive or even think of ourselves without Reiki.We are in real manners, blessed by Reiki energy to have you all with us.

Reiki blessings to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain



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