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Reiki Healing for Roseasca

By admin | In Healings | on February 17, 2013

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all and your every writing to us with your comments, queries, suggestions and any other email. We are happy to see your growing faith and trust on Reiki energy healing for clearing blockages and making your life limitless. It is really what we have been wishing for everyone that we all have abundance of love and light in our life, so that we get everything that is good for us. We are sure and confident on Reiki energy that it will help us achieve everything which is good for us and keep us away from what is negative for us or could harm.

Today we are writing about a blockage at Solar Plexus Chakra, which results in giving Roseasca skin disease. We were asked today morning by one of our fellow Reiki energy from United States, and we are writing about it after a few research work. After reading, we can understand that this kind of blockage is spreading and we need to find some relevant solution for its healing. In our articles, we have already explained that most of the skin related health issues start from the weakening of our Chakras as Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra, Solar plexus Chakra, Sacral Chakra and base Chakra. This blockage looked like starts after having oily, spicy meals or alcohol.

Now for healing this blockage, we all first need to advice our receiver to start using more of fresh fruits, vegetables and dry fruits. Also if possible, they should avoid as much of boiled food, since it takes longer time to digest, and we want our metabolism to work more on giving strength to our weak liver and heart this time. We should avoid any kind of non vegetarian meal, alcohol or tobacco product too for the same reason. Using rock salt in meals, salads, fresh juices will help in clearing this or any other blockage from our Chakras faster.

We can give our receiver a complete touch Reiki healing, so that their whole body is filled with Reiki energy, so as to protect from further infection. In distance Reiki healing, placing the photograph with the birth details, location and blockages in the Reiki grid will help by sending Reiki energy continuous flow too. Using of balancing Reiki symbols like Sei Hei Ki, Apta, Rama will help, since they will help in making a good balance of Chakra energy.

We are sure that using all of these methods, we all will be able to remove this blockage from our books and heal our receiver. This all will be able to start giving relief with in a week’s time and get rid of this blockage in some more time too. We are sure that if we all Reiki healers work toward any kind of blockage, we will be able to clear it. It is my firm belief that Reiki energy can help in clearing any kind of blockage, and we term this health issue also as just another blockage.

If someone feel that the Reiki symbols or Reiki healing are working very little or only a few times, this should be understood that it is just because of the blockage they have. I will suggest everyone to keep a firm belief and trust on Reiki energy, since it is just a positive energy, which will never give any kind of side effect and its intensity increases with our faith. So, keep working and using it, until you get the desired results in your healings. I am grateful to you all for your queries, which are helping us in working on them too.

Reiki Blessings, Love and light to you all and yours

Vineet Jain


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