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Reiki healing for Rheumatic Heart Disease

By admin | In Success Stories | on April 15, 2012

Fellow energies, we are thankful to you all for your kind blessings and positive Reiki energy to us, which helped me a lot during Dubai visit this April 2012. There were many moments, when we can really feel and see that Reiki is flowing along with us all the time. These all things, we will be discussing in our later articles, but here, I am trying to tell you about a Reiki healing done by one of our fellow Reiki Master from Dubai, UAE.

She told us during our last visit that she was called upon one of her friend at midnight, to give healing to her daughter, who was restless and high fever. She was told that they had given some medicine for fever, but it was same, and after a double dosage of medicine, her fever seem to be resisting the medicine. She was asked by her friend to do some Reiki Healing, since due to her uneasiness, her daughter was unable to sleep.

She than started giving Reiki healing to her, when she was giving Reiki healing to her heart Chakra, she felt like there is a lot of blockage, and she needed to work more on it. She asked her friend to go for certain check ups for her daughter, as her Heart seem to be having certain blockage or swellings, which need to be diagnosed and worked upon. After about 15 minutes of her Reiki healing, she got a call from her friend that the daughter slept peacefully, and will than go next day for check ups and testing as was asked by our fellow Reiki Master friend.

Next week, she got a call from this friend again, who told her about the test results as her daughter was diagnosed with a Rheumatic Heart disease. She was sounding sad and depressed, but was calm after talking to her Reiki Master friend, since she told her that it can be cured using Reiki. For the treatment of this disease, she took her recent photograph, birth details and established in her Masters Reiki grid at her place. There, she performed several Psychic surgeries, where she used Reiki symbols Cho Ku Rei, Sei Hei Ki, Dai koo Myo, Zonar, Apta, Vasudha, Aum. Her intention during the Reiki healing was that the baby was running and playing in her garden and was happy, away from any health issue.

After about 5 months of Reiki healing, she asked her friend to go for all the tests again and see how much Reiki healing helped. She also had been updating about the health, which was definitely improving with time. She got a call after a few days with a scream when she was told that the disease was almost cured. It was really a good news, and she mailed us today that she saw her friend’s daughter running and playing in her garden, as she had been visualizing and initiating during Reiki Healing. It was a great news for her and now to all of us. She want us to share this Reiki healing done by her after following the Reiki symbols shared on our website and was grateful for us. She is also going to send us some money in for the same, for which we are really obliged. We shared this news with our fellow Reiki Masters and are now sharing it to you. I remember that one of a fellow Reiki Master from Benglaru, India so I am sure that this article is going to help him and others as well.

As always, we will suggest all of our Reiki Healing receivers, to go for a Reiki grid healing to your Reiki Master healers, as it works 24X7 till the time you are in it. Try to be positive while your Reiki healings are being performed, keep do perform energy exchange for your Reiki healing done or any other gratitude. It never means that you should be doing this energy exchange with money, you can do with giving gifts, or any other form, what you feel like.

We are once again, thankful to our fellow Reiki Master from Dubai and you all here.

Blessings, Love and Light to you all and yours.

Vineet Jain


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